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Alejandra Peralta

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Alejandra Peralta is a native of Mexico City where she has lived, studied, and worked for almost all of her life. After graduating from university with a law degree she embarked on a legal career that straddled three major international corporations before settling at NTT DATA in 2017 where she now handles corporate law affairs with an emphasis on contract negotiations. She is married with a young child and when she has some free time she loves spending it at the opera, a passion that she inherited from her father. Recently she has taken up surfing.

Flexibility to enjoy a great work-life balance.

Tell us about an interesting project

I have been involved in a project that has been ongoing for about two years now, which to most people might seem a bit long but in legal terms it is normal. The project is with a big Mexican retail company and our role is to provide a technology solution for them. I don't get involved in the solution itself, but I am responsible for making sure that everything is legally sound, not just for NTT DATA and our client but also for some strict national laws we have in Mexico.

The project is memorable because at the beginning when we presented the Master Service Agreement to the client, they were very happy to sign and proceed, which to me was quite a novel experience. However, since that time we have received at least seven Statements of Work which alter the way in which we do business with the client. That’s quite a lot and so I have been collaborating with colleagues in India and the USA to make sure all the paperwork is legal, appropriate, and correctly translated. That level of collaboration with colleagues and negotiation with the client is something that I really enjoy.

Describe a regular working day

The work of a lawyer is never predictable. I do try to structure my day as best as possible, but also try to leave some slack in my time to deal with something urgent or complicated work that needs my attention. At the same time, as I mentioned, I have a young child and so there are times when either my husband or I have to take care of her or collect her from school, or simply have a meal together. For that reason, when the question was posed to me about where I would like to work, I chose to work at home permanently.

In fact, the office is a mere fifteen minutes’ drive from my house, so I can pop in if I really need to. But, in effect, I can work from home just as efficiently and productively as in an office so I’m pretty glad that the company took a look at my personal circumstances and allowed me to take that option. I have to say that I’ve never been happier in my work and even though I speak with all my colleagues remotely I don't feel detached from them.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

I was first attracted to the prospect of switching jobs to work at NTT DATA following a conversation with my boss from a previous company. She really sold me on the idea of developing my career here because it’s a super supportive company that is known for providing an opportunity to work in a fast-paced and changing environment.

Since I’ve been here, I have to say that I have realized the claims my old boss made about the type of company NTT DATA is have all been proven true. Not a day goes by where I don't feel energized or satisfied in my work. There are multiple opportunities to learn and grow, not just in my work but personally too, with things like LGBTQ+ week celebrations and wellness initiatives regularly promoted to us. I really do feel like this is the best place for me.

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