Phillip Leamon

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Phillip Leamon

Sales Executive

United States

Phillip Leamon was born and raised in Texas, where he still lives with his wife and two Maltipoo puppies. He began his education in computer sciences before going on to complete his business degree. In college he played and coached American football and is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. He started out his career in sports events management before moving into IT services in the healthcare sector.

Phillip has been with NTT DATA since 2019. He was originally drawn to NTT DATA when he was assigned NTT DATA as a sales prospect at his previous company and conducted account research. When he discovered that they were a global leader in the IT services and that they sponsor IndyCar racing, he took the plunge and joined the company. He currently works as a sales executive in the healthcare and life sciences division.

Maximizing teamwork to create unique client outcomes

Tell us about an interesting project

A project that really stands out is one in which we were able to help a client that had a major disruption to its IT operations due an unfortunate geopolitical conflict. Working closely with our team of experts and leaders, we were able to fully operationalize multiple IT teams in a very short amount of time, which enabled our client to continue serving its healthcare customers without disruption. We initially began our engagement with a team of staff and now we have matured the operational model to managed services with SLAs and committed outcomes aligned to our client’s strategic goals. Our core company values: client’s first, foresight, and teamwork were clearly reflected from the very start of this engagement and continues to be the key drivers behind its success.

Describe a regular working day

My job is to provide clients with solutions and services that help them achieve their business objectives. In other words, to deliver the best solutions that can maximize client investments, aligns with our client’s long-term strategies, and accelerates the digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

Although I live relatively close to the office, I prefer to work at home because it’s easier to work efficiently and to connect with team members in different time zones across the globe. However, I do sometimes go into the office to touch base with the leadership team and to practice specific work functions such as finalizing proposals, preparing for sales presentations with the team and to do some executive briefings with clients. This level of flexibility means that I can get things done and still have a healthy work-life balance.

Why do you like to work at NTT DATA?

There are many reasons why I like working here at NTT DATA, but there are two that have a major impact on my life here: trust and teamwork. Everyone in sales is effective in their own unique way, and NTT DATA fosters an environment where we can leverage a wealth of tools, information, and expert guidance to achieve success in diverse ways. Our leadership trusts that we will be successful in how we achieve our individual targets and focuses on how we as a team can work together to be successful. The patience, respect, and focus on joint success each of my team members demonstrate has made working here at NTT DATA for the past 5+ years absolutely incredible.

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