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Agata Maruszewska

HR Business Partner


Agata Maruszewska is from a small coastal town in Poland. She lived there until she went to university in Poznan in central Poland where she studied Political Sciences, specializing in Human capital management. After completing her studies, Agata took a year out to travel. She visited the USA and fell in love with the nature and open spaces there. Once her travels were done, she returned to Poznan to start her career, and in 2018 she joined NTT DATA to help start and build up the HR division. She has two young children and in her free time she loves to run. She tries to run three times per week and when possible, she competes in road racing. She is hoping to join the New York marathon in the near future.

Balancing life and work with the greatest rewards

Tell us about an interesting project

The project that sticks in my mind is the one where we revamped our whole recruiting process. We decided to start off by retraining the HR team, including me, in the practices of Agile project management. NTT DATA allowed us to take training to accomplish this, and following our graduation we implemented the Agile methodology to change how we do recruiting.

These days, we closely involve line managers in recruitment, including getting better quality input form them on who needs to be recruited and we allow them autonomy in the interview process. We do the first round of interviews, and the line managers do the second round. The changes we implemented have been far-reaching and so effective that I would say the calibre of new recruits we get into our company is second to none.

Describe a regular working day

I guess you could say that I have fully embraced the hybrid working model. I go to the office for a few days a week to catch up with colleagues and to do the work I can only do in the office, such as having face to face meeting and facilitating workshops. I love to meet with my colleagues, but I also highly value the opportunity to work at home, so I’m happy and privileged to be able to do most of my work there.

At home, I can truly have a great work-life balance, which is important when you have young children as I do. I treat my home-based work as tasks rather than being tied to a rigid time schedule. In that way, I can complete the work I need to do and take time to look after my family. This suits me and NTT DATA very well.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

Well, I decided to join NTT DATA back in 2018 because my friends were all telling me what a great place it was to work. At the same time, I was interested in getting into a technology consulting firm, so I decided to take the plunge. I have to say that the reputation of the company was wholly justified. I found it to be a comfortable and friendly place to work from day one.

I decided to stay and would like to make a long-lasting career at NTT DATA because I think the values of the company and mine are fully aligned. The main value is trust, and the trust the company and my colleagues place in me and my work on a daily basis. I really do feel trusted and valued as a member of the NTT DATA family in Poland.

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