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Ianca Caroline Nascimento Linhares

Agility Trainee


Ianca is originally from the Amazon region of Brazil and has been working with NTT DATA since early 2022. Brazil is a very large country with lots of different cultures and heritages, and Ianca’s home city of Manaus is in the middle of the rainforest far from all of the famous Brazilian main cities. She has a post graduate degree in Organizational Psychology and feels very proud, as a person from the rainforest, to have gotten a job at NTT DATA and is excited about her future prospects.

Creating smoother working practices and better client outcomes.

Tell us about an interesting project.

I am very new to NTT DATA, so I don't have a huge amount of experience, but I would say that of the projects I have worked on so far there has been a lot of personal satisfaction from seeing how the people in the client teams have grown.

My role is to help the client teams to integrate a strategic vision for their product operations through using Agile management initiatives. I do this through an innovating environment inside Itáu, Bees,Tim and others which helps the teams transform their working practices. It gives me huge satisfaction to see people learn the skills, apply them to work and become able to move forward on their own once my contribution ends.

Describe a regular working day.

I don't have what you would call a regular working day, because since I started at NTT DATA I have been moving around from city to city as part of my job. This is because my role is to work on Sprint projects with my client to improve their working practices according to the Agile methodology. I spend about 2 months per client team getting them up to speed so that they can be more efficient and reduce their product delivery times.

I can however do most of this work remotely. So, although I travel around to gain a better experience of working in different places in Brazil, I do my work from home and communicate with the client teams virtually. This means that I have a great work-life balance because not only do I have the chance to experience new places, I also can plan my day, look after my physical wellbeing, find time to learn foreign languages, get some exercise, and contribute meaningfully to my work.

What's great about NTT DATA?

A friend of mine who works in NTT DATA saw a job opportunity and thought it would be perfect for me and advised me to apply for it. I did some research and found out that the Agile project methodology was widely used and accepted at NTT DATA, which immediately attracted me to the company because that is an integral part of what I studied and my skill set.

I knew very early on that NTT DATA would be a good cultural fit for me because of a similar attitude to working style and personal development. I love that we have the opportunity twice a year to evaluate where we are right now and where we want or need to go in our careers. We get great and constructive feedback from our leadership team and are provided with avenues to grow professionally and personally through training initiatives and support programs. I can only see a bright future for myself at NTT DATA.

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