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Muzeyyen Senel

Customer Solutions Director


Muzeyyen Senel has been living in Istanbul with her family and beloved cat since 2012 but calls Mersin her hometown. She has worked with NTT DATA since 2017 and is currently assigned to be a Customer Solutions Director. In her free time, Muzeyyen collaborates with the Getem Institution provide access to audio books and personal book reading sessions to people who are visually impaired. To date, the institution has provided more than 40,000 audio works in Turkish and English to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access written content.

Diversifying and growing in a tightly knit work team.

Tell us about an interesting project

I have traditionally worked as an SAP, Sales and Distribution (SD) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultant. So, when SAP announced the launch of a new CRM software product known as C4C I was recruited to create a new CRM department at NTT DATA. At first, it was just me running everything, but over the years the team has grown to 30 people. The very first job I ran was the trickiest because everything was new, new environment, new clients, new expectations. But despite all that, and with the support I received at NTT DATA we were successful in receiving the SAP customer experience award.

However, as a lifelong fan of Fenerbahçe football club, working on their SAP Emarsys and Service Cloud project was a dream come true. Through the Service Cloud project, Fenerbahçe F.C. is now able to manage all call center processes, including complains and enquiries. It has been a very successful project for communicating with all members fans and to improve sales. At the same time, Fenerbahçe became not only the first sports club in Turkey to use Emarsys, but also the first in the world. I was especially proud of that project.

Describe a regular working day

My role is to serve many customers in various different industries with several products on complex projects. So, as you can imagine no two days are the same for me and my team. We spend a lot of time communicating with customers in order to satisfy their needs, and so for that reason I have to be quite flexible in my approach to work.

In effect, where I work changes from day to day and traditionally Turkish customers like to have a lot of onsite support. However, as with everyone else, our working practices have changed and now I either work at home, at the office or sometimes at the client site. The traffic in Istanbul is something to behold though, so I’m quite glad that I can spend less time commuting and more time problem solving for our clients.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

In my case there are two reasons why I love working at NTT DATA. The first is my personal development. From day one I felt supported by my managers and peers, especially during the first project, that although was tricky, let to a lot of personal satisfaction and an award.

The second is the team. The people in my immediate team and the wider office are great. I am someone who values face to face interactions and so working in a team that to me feels like a family is quite special. One of the things we do is to have regular ‘Get Together’ events, organized by HR, where we can meet up and chat. On other days, we also find time to grab dinner together and socialize and strengthen our already strong bonds.

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