IT Human Resource Development

Worldwide attention is on the United Nations Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Under this initiative, companies are expected to contribute to the education of children and young generations of people.
With a clear focus on the future, the NTT DATA supports education from diverse perspectives to ensure that ICT will be broadly deployed in a fair and appropriate manner as a social infrastructure. We recognize this is an important responsibility for us as a Trusted Global Innovator.

Uncovering and Cultivation of Talent in Regions around the World, and Fostering of Innovation

everis Foundation, Spain

In 2001, everis established the everis Foundation, which undertakes a variety of initiatives aimed at uncovering and cultivating talent in regions around the world.
One of the foundation’s largest-scale activities is holding EVERIS AWARDS (awards to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship). By uncovering and offering awards for novel projects with the potential to change society in three categories—new business models, industry and energy technologies, and biotechnology and health—the organization helps to drive the projects toward success.
In 2016, more than 600 projects from 13 countries entered the EVERIS AWARDS. Winning the top Global Award was a project from Portugal related to regenerative medicine. As a prize, the organization contributed funds toward future development expenses and turning the project into a business. The organization also takes part in various other activities, such as providing a network of people to help close the gender gap.
From now on, everis plans to further strengthen its base of operations in Europe, as well as reinforcing activities in Latin America.

Contribution to the Resolution of Local Issues by Establishing a Digital Hub

everis, Chille

In 2008, everis created a digital hub in the city of Temuco, the capital of the Cautin Province in southern Chile, to create employment in the local community and resolve social issues through innovative technology solutions. The project involved recruiting numerous graduates from a local university specializing in information science, creating employment opportunities, helping to alleviate wage gaps, and promoting economic and scientific development.
In 2015, everis entered into an agreement to promote development in Chile with the Chilean government and the Production Development Corporation, a government organization that promotes the Chilean economy.
The company also won the Social ICT Top Initiative Award 2016 from the Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies (ACTI) in recognition of its successful efforts to form partnerships with the local government, the private sector, and universities and develop an ecosystem for public–private partnerships. Over the next four years, everis expects to create jobs for 900 people. In addition to proactively pursuing ongoing research into the realization of smart cities, the company is investing in local startup companies and stepping up its development of local human resources.

Contribution to Environmental Protection by Promoting Car Sharing and Bicycle Sharing

NTT DATA Deutschland GmbH, Germany

In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, NTT DATA Deutschland has introduced car and bicycle sharing initiatives for employees in cities with particularly severe traffic congestion, such as Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne.
By registering for free using a dedicated link, employees can make use of the DriveNow (provided by BMW) and Car2Go (provided by Daimler) car-sharing services to travel within cities and to the airport. Since introduction in 2014, 400 employees have registered for the services. Younger employees, in particular, seem to welcome this innovative service. In cooperation with Car2Go, an electric vehicle stand has been erected in front of the company’s office in Munich.
NTT DATA Deutschland introduced bicycle sharing in June 2016. This system has found particular favor among employees as a healthy and ecological mode of travel, as well as convenient when visiting business partners without parking lots. The company plans to set up a bicycle sharing station in front of its Munich office, thereby providing employees with a means of transportation and contributing to environmental protection.

Support for the Creation of Opportunities to Lead New Lives in the IT industry by Providing Programs to University Students

NTT DATA Romania, Romania

In collaboration with Babeş-Bolyai University, NTT DATA Romania is conducting a computer science training program at the university’s graduate school. The program, which begins every November, is certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.
The program provides students in every field with the opportunity to begin specialized training in computer science, earn certifications, and live new lives in the IT and software field. The program hosted 52 students in 2016, and so far 49 second-year students have taken part.
In addition to the higher education provided by the mathematics and computer science departments, NTT DATA Romania provides students with the opportunity to come into direct contact with a practical business environment. This experience helps expand students’ career horizons as they pursue opportunities in the IT industry.
In recognition of these efforts, NTT DATA Romania was selected to win fourth prize in the Best Education CSR Activity Award division of awards sponsored by CSR Media Look Advising SRL.

Support for the Employment of Female Students (The Girls’ Network)

NTT DATA UK, United Kingdom

In 2016, NTT DATA UK began a mentoring program in cooperation with The Girls’ Network. With a mission to “inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models,” the Girls’ Network is a charity organization that introduces girls aged 14 to 19 from economically disadvantaged areas to professional female mentors of various backgrounds.
Currently, 18 of NTT DATA UK’s employees are undergoing mentoring training, taking part in a one-on-one 12-month mentoring course for female students in London and Birmingham. Through the program, employees help their wards design their own futures in many ways, such as providing a place to gain work experience, helping draft resumes and cover letters, submitting application forms to universities and prospective employers, and helping them to find their desired type of work.
Feedback from employees participating in the mentoring has been extremely positive. After evaluating the 12-month mentoring cycle, the company plans to increase its participation in the program.

Contribution toward the Resolution of Environmental Problems by Promoting Sustainable Means of Commuting

NTT DATA Italia, Italy

Since 2013, NTT DATA Italia has been recommending that its employees help protect the environment by using bicycles or public transportation. When employees purchase a bicycle or use public transportation, they can simply email a member of administrative staff to receive discounts on purchases or renewals of annual passes. Employees give high marks to this system, which is encouraging a steady shift to the use of sustainable mobility instead of private vehicles.
In Rome, where traffic and pollution are major problems, the company has appointed mobility managers to help alleviate the problem by encouraging sustainable methods of commuting. The company has created a travel policy that recommends using public transport wherever possible and has introduced car sharing and bicycle sharing. In addition to setting up a bicycle parking area, the company supports employee participation in events that promote bicycling, such as the European Cycling Challenge and Love to Ride.
NTT DATA Italia is currently creating an application that enables employees to carpool to work with colleagues and is promoting a project that encourages employees to voluntarily distribute the app.