How AI-Powered Digital Humans are Revolutionising Customer Experience

As the official IT provider for the world's oldest golf championship, The Open, NTT DATA brings its AI powered, interactive digital human technology to create a unique and engaging onsite experience.

Generative AI has dramatically disrupted the world of business this year, and while still in its early stages, leaders have begun to understand how it will revolutionise the way we work. One such area of revolution is customer experience. By automating tasks, improving efficiency, and providing personalized service, AI can help businesses to provide a better customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

At NTT DATA, we have built the it.human platform to help organisations in a variety of sectors combine the best of digital and human interactions, and are honoured to be showcasing our solution at The 151st Open, the world's oldest and one of the most prestigious golf Championships.

As the official IT Provider of The Open, we have continually brought our innovation expertise from a variety of industries to deliver cutting-edge technology to elevate the fan experience for golf enthusiasts. From the creation of the NTT DATA Wall in 2014, to the analysis of billions of data points offering fans real-time insights during play, as seen through the launch of ShotView at The 150th Open, our decade-long partnership with The R&A has culminated this year in the most immersive and engaging experience to date.

Introducing the it.human Platform to The Open

The AI-powered digital human – Lottie – will be showcased at this year's Open Championship, which will take place at Royal Liverpool from 16-23 July.

Lottie is named after Charlotte 'Lottie' Dod, the English multi-sport athlete who is best known as a five-time winner of the Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Championship. Taking the form of a life-like digital avatar Lottie replicates human movement and sound, using gestures, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to add a human element to the traditional self-service interface. Lottie creates an interactive and engaging experience, combining the best of digital and human interactions to generate an innovative customer experience.

At The Open, Lottie will educate and entertain those onsite, providing insights on the tournament, background information on players and the sport, and help guide visitors around the course. While Lottie will be available in the NTT DATA hospitality suite at this year's Championship, she represents the future of customer and fan experiences, with the potential for Lottie to be all around the course to help guide fans wherever they are onsite.

What is a digital human?

'Digital human' is a group of technologies that create or use 3D models of people with human-like qualities and appearance. Using the latest technologies, including automated communication and emotional expression, digital humans can provide human-like qualities to a variety of use cases.

Digital human cutting-edge technology leverages the following key features to replicate human interactions:

  • A high-fidelity, life-like digital avatar, capable of movement and micro-expressions. In addition to the it.human displayed on the touch-capable screen it is also possible to integrate multimedia including audio and images.
  • The it.human is able to hear and understand natural, everyday language and respond using a natural sounding voice, using tone to reflect moods.
  • Equipped with a camera the it.human can detect and respond when people are standing close to it.
  • Through conversational AI the it.human can understand what the user wants and gives an appropriate and informative answer. The answer can be enhanced by integrating with back-end systems and services.

What else can you do with the it.human platform?

Not just limited to instillation via a Kiosk, the it.human technology can be used on laptops and mobile phones. QR codes can also be utilized, so even when installed via a kiosk visitors can make use on the technology from their personal devices. All this, in tandem with day-to-day reprogramming capabilities, offer a level of flexibility that allows for numerous use cases;

  • Healthcare – automation of patient information delivery and notifications.
  • Retail – providing information about the store and directions to relevant departments.
  • Tourism – A fully portable assistant helping with navigation and context-sensitive information.

An it.human Platform Use Case: Enhancing Customer Service and Boosting Job Satisfaction at Krifa

One of our customers who's seen great success since the implementation of the it.human platform is Krifa, Denmark's largest unemployment insurance fund and trade union. After investigating the performance of its reception, it found that it was unable to realise the benefits of its reception staff, as their skills, experience and time were not being used effectively and employees were not being allowed to reach their fullest potential. As such, a decision was taken to embark on a digital transformation journey that would not only modernize the Krifa reception, but also improve outcomes for visitors, and increase employee satisfaction.

After assessing the challenges Krifa was facing with customer service and inefficient human resourcing, NTT DATA provided Aida, a digital human, powered by AI. Installed as a kiosk in Krifa's reception, users can seamlessly interact with the digital receptionist without the impersonal interface of other solutions such as chatbots or tablets.

Aida integrates into Krifa's existing systems, allowing the it.human platform to automate previously repetitive tasks such as answering common questions or components of administration. This means that former reception staff are able to take positions in different areas of the business, resulting in greater job satisfaction and more efficient application of customer service skills.

Visitor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with people appreciating the friendly and warm welcome given by the AI avatar, especially when compared to checking in via faceless tablets. Visitors and staff were surprised at the sophistication of the technology as Aida was easily able to automate and manage 30 common reception tasks, servicing visitors fluently in both English and Danish. Aida further enhanced the visitor experience through the integration of other, commonly requested information, such as knowledge of public transport, local amenities and Krifa's building.


NTT DATA was ideally positioned to help Krifa with a customised solution that understood and solved its business problem and accelerated its digital transformation journey. With a vast wealth of experience across a range of sectors, NTT DATA is an expert in collaboration, and through a highly individualized approach, NTT DATA was able to transform Krifa's reception, improving customer experience and employee satisfaction.

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