Sovereignty: Cloud Computing

Unlocking Cloud Sovereignty: Balancing Control, Compliance, and Agility

In the age of Cloud computing, the concept of Cloud sovereignty has become increasingly vital for organizations seeking to harness the power of the Cloud while retaining control over their data and operations. This blog post explores the multifaceted aspects of Cloud sovereignty, including its definition, key areas, benefits, challenges, best practices, and how NTT DATA can help organizations navigate this complex terrain.

Cloud sovereignty can be defined as the ability of an organization to assert control, ownership, and jurisdiction over its data, applications, and infrastructure within a Cloud computing environment. This includes maintaining autonomy, ensuring data residency and privacy, protecting sensitive information, meeting regulatory requirements, and having greater control over Cloud-based assets. Cloud Sovereignty encompasses three key areas:

  1. Data Sovereignty - Data sovereignty revolves around an organization's capability to retain authority over its data, safeguarding it against unauthorized access by external parties. It ensures data remains under the organization's governance and adheres to jurisdictional requirements.
  2. Operational Sovereignty - Operational sovereignty involves maintaining visibility and control over operations while ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance. Organizations should effectively manage and monitor their Cloud infrastructure and operations.
  3. Technical Sovereignty - Technical sovereignty empowers organizations to run workloads and applications without excessive reliance on a specific Cloud service provider. It enables flexibility in selecting and switching providers as needed.

Embracing Cloud sovereignty unlocks a multitude of compelling benefits that can significantly impact an organization's performance.

  • Security, control, and compliance: Cloud sovereignty empowers organizations with enhanced security, increased control over their Cloud assets, and the ability to meet diverse and evolving regulatory demands, ensuring data protection, strategic alignment, and legal compliance.
  • Compliance and data privacy: Cloud sovereignty streamlines compliance efforts, ensuring data privacy and residency while navigating complex jurisdictional nuances and international data transfer regulations.
  • Agility and service challenges: Technical sovereignty empowers organizations to swiftly adapt and scale their Cloud solutions, addressing the challenge of finding suitable alternatives and navigating complex Cloud service offerings, ensuring agility in a dynamic business landscape.

Our vision: NTT DATA Value Proposition

In the landscape of Cloud computing, NTT DATA stands as a leader in helping organizations unlock the potential of Cloud sovereignty, particularly within the Hybrid Cloud, including Private Cloud. While others may focus on Multicloud solutions, our distinctiveness lies in our ability to develop Data Center (DC) business and offer Private Cloud capabilities. At NTT DATA, we understand that Cloud sovereignty—exercising control, ensuring compliance, and maintaining agility—is paramount. Our advisory services bring expertise in data governance, operational control, and technical flexibility, offering organizations a strategic advantage in the dynamic world of Cloud computing.

Despite the undeniable advantages it brings to the table, Cloud sovereignty introduces an array of multifaceted challenges that organizations must conscientiously address and navigate to harness its full potential. As organizations embrace cloud services, they encounter several challenges that arise from regulatory demands, lack of suitable alternatives, jurisdictional complexities, and the overwhelming array of cloud service options. Let's delve into these challenges and explore the tailored solutions offered by NTT DATA to successfully overcome them.

Challenge 1: Implement numerous and complex regulatory demands

Our solution: NTT DATA simplifies the complex world of cloud data compliance. We offer customized strategies that align with specific industry and location requirements, ensuring smooth compliance with a range of regulations. With our global expertise, we keep you up to date with evolving guidelines worldwide and provide streamlined compliance management tools. NTT DATA's solutions mitigate risks related to non-compliance, offering a confident way to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape of cloud data.

Challenge 2: Lack of Cloud Alternatives beside Hyperscalers

Our solution: We advocate for and specialize in the implementation of a multi-cloud strategy. Leveraging the extensive experience gained from managing diverse cloud platforms and working with different cloud vendors, we assist businesses in building a cloud environment that is not only resilient but also highly flexible. A multi-cloud approach ensures redundancy and, critically, minimizes the risks associated with vendor lock-in, giving your organization the freedom to adapt and grow without constraints.

Challenge 3: Lack of clarity when operating in different regions

Our solution: Our expertise lies in carefully evaluating cloud service providers to align with your sovereignty objectives. Meticulously assessing vendors, ensuring they provide the necessary control and compliance capabilities in different regions vital for your organization's regulatory adherence. Moreover, we diligently scrutinize their track records, verifying their commitment to supporting regulatory compliance globally. By selecting the right cloud partners, we enable your organization to navigate the complex cloud landscape with confidence and compliance assurance.

Challenge 4: Lack of internal capabilities

Our solution: NTT DATA offers a solution to address the shortage of internal sovereign cloud expertise. We provide customized training programs, on-demand expert support, and knowledge transfer opportunities to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed for effective sovereign cloud operations. We foster a culture of continuous learning, ensuring your team stays updated with the latest developments in sovereign cloud technologies, ultimately enabling your organization to navigate sovereign cloud challenges with confidence and competence.

Challenge 5: Complex Cloud Services Offerings

Our solution: Prioritize empowering our clients with unparalleled control and instilling trust in their cloud environments. Through innovative tools and processes, we enhance both operational and technical sovereignty, providing unparalleled visibility and control over cloud operations. This proactive approach not only builds trust but also allows for rapid responses to any incidents, ensuring a secure and smooth cloud experience.


Cloud sovereignty is a crucial consideration for organizations seeking to harness the benefits of the cloud while maintaining control, security, and compliance. By defining clear strategies, adopting best practices, and partnering with experts like NTT DATA organizations can successfully navigate the challenges and reap the rewards of cloud sovereignty in an increasingly digital world. With careful planning and the right expertise, organizations can confidently embrace the cloud while safeguarding their autonomy and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory framework.