Announcement of new Executive Leadership Team (NTT DATA, Inc.)

October 3, 2022

TOKYO – October 3, 2022 – NTT DATA, Inc.'s new executive leadership team decided by resolution of the Board of Directors on October 1, 2022 is as follows:

New Structure of Execution

Organizational Responsibilities Name Position(s)
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Kazuhiro Nishihata Representative Director,
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
CTO (Chief Transformation Officer)
Tsunehisa Okuno Representative Director,
Senior Executive Vice President
CBO (Chief Business Officer) Abhijit Dubey*1 NTT Ltd. CEO
Senior Vice President
Bob Pryor*1 NTT DATA Services CEO
Senior Vice President
Friedrich Hoderlein Cabistany*1 NTT DATA Europe & Latam CEO
Senior Vice President
Norbert Rotter*1 NTT DATA Business Solutions CEO
Senior Vice President
CAO(Chief Administration Officer)
CRO(Chief Risk Officer)
Shuichi Sasakura Senior Executive Vice President
CDSO (Chief Digital Strategy Officer) Hideki Kurihara Executive Vice President
CFO(Chief Financial Officer) Chieri Kimura Senior Vice President
CDAO(Chief Digital Assets Officer) Noriyuki Kaya Senior Vice President
  • *1Newly appointed as Senior Vice President

New Structure of Board of Directors

Position(s) Name
Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kazuhiro Nishihata
Representative Director,
Senior Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Transformation Officer
Tsunehisa Okuno
Director Patrizio Mapelli
Director Marvin Mouchawar
Director Robb Rasmussen
Director Hideaki Ozaki
Director Vab Goel
Director*2 Shinsuke Sugiyama
Director*2 Alejandro Ferreiro Yazigi
Company Auditor Katsumi Nakata
Company Auditor Kanae Takahashi
Company Auditor Tomoko Hoshi
  • *2Shinsuke Sugiyama and Alejandro Ferreiro Yazigi are outside directors.

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