Diversity Indicator

Indicator Percentage
Female share of total workforce Consolidated 29.4%
Femails in all management posisions, including junior, middle and senior management (as % of tatal management workforce) Consolidated 17.3%
Females in junior management positions, i.e.
first level of management (as % of total junior management positions)
Non-consolidated 12.9%
Females in top management positions, i.e. maximum two levels away from the CEO or comparable positions (as a % of total top management positions) Non-consolidated 13.3%
Females in management positions in revenue-generating
functions (e.g. sales) as a % of all such managers (i.e. excluding support functions such as HR, IT, Legal, etc.)
Non-consolidated 87.3%
Breakdown of workforce based on other minority group(s), e.g. age, nationality, disability, etc. Non-consolidated 2.41%
(as of June,2020)

Trend of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement Unit FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 Target for FY2019
Employee engagement % of actively engaged employees 66% 66% 68% 71% 70%
Data coverage % of total employees 93% 90% 89% 76% 75%

Labor relations

Managers are ineligible to join the labor union because they are involved in the management of the company. Excluding managers, almost 100% of employees join the labor union.

Essentially 100% of our employees are members of labor unions, excluding managers, who are not permitted to join unions, as they are responsible for administration of operations.

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