Envisioning a new “future”

Presenting NTT DATA’s vision for a new society and associated initiatives in the age of “life with the coronavirus”

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued for more than a year now. While there have been some indications of partial containment through vaccination and other means, the future remains unclear. Over the past year, as we have continued our social and economic activities under various constraints, it has gradually become clear to us what is truly necessary for us and what is not.

I believe that the pandemic has given us an opportunity to rethink the contradictions of modern society—contradictions that we had been dimly aware of before, but to which we had turned a blind eye, putting off thinking about them until now. The time has come for us to look at all that we have taken for granted until now and rethink what we can make use of, what we can discard, and what we must add in order to build the society of the future. This requires us to look at things from the standpoint of individual members of society and to work to enrich the lives of everyone. To ensure that this is sustainable regardless of what happens in the future, we must embed durability into our social structures. Information technology is indispensable to the realization of any of these goals.

What kind of society is suited for the coming new era, what information systems should support it and who can create these? With relentless conviction and the courage to change ourselves, we are examining and tackling these questions every day, in our commitment to creating a better society through information technology. (Reference: "Re-Design by Digital: Using Digital Technology to Build Back a Better Society”)

Yo Honma

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Realizing the New Society Envisioned by NTT DATA

At NTT DATA, we strive to realize a new society by resolving problems through our business and pursuing self-transformation.

Two keys to creating a new society
The importance of continuously creating and applying new mechanisms

At NTT DATA, we believe two factors are vital for the creation of a new society: “design” and “thorough application of system data.”

“Design” starts with considering the perspectives of consumers and others among society’s various stakeholders. It then moves to envisioning the mechanisms of an all-encompassing and integrated society by taking the concerns of each stakeholder into account.

On top of this, design that looks to the “thorough application of system data” is necessary for improving the value of created mechanisms and continuously evolving them into even better ones.

The mechanisms required will change constantly with time and circumstances.

Thus, stopping once a design is completed is not the way to bring about the desired future. What is needed instead is a continuously cyclical approach that includes application as well as unceasing reappraisal to enhance value.

The human assets needed to envision and realize a new society

Envisioning a new society and then translating it into reality by fully leveraging digital technologies will require “architects.”

We use the word “top architect” to refer to a person who sees things from a multidimensional perspective without being bound by conventional values, and who is capable of conceptualizing what an integrated society should look like.

“Architects” are abundantly experienced human resources who possess specialized knowledge, and it is they who will design specific mechanisms for the society that top architects envision and drive its actualization.

Top architects and a legion of architects, each possessing his or her own specialty. We believe the work of both will merge and create a new society for the future.
As a “team of architects” possessing expertise in diverse fields, NTT DATA will do its part to make this happen.

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