NTT DATA’s response to COVID-19

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts to build a new society are accelerating around the world.

The society that NTT DATA envisions is one that evolves the rapidly progressing “online” world into a “new reality” that skillfully fuses with the conventional “real” world of flesh-and-blood human activity, thereby providing a “best mix” of both worlds that everyone can use freely to suit their purpose. (See “Proposal for an ‘Online First Society” with recommendation to “Build Back Better.”)

“Life with the coronavirus” will continue for some time to come.

In line with the concept of “Build Back Better,” we aim to continuously visualize and realize an evolving society by applying our accumulated strengths and digital technologies.
“Creating a better society with information technology.” With this unshakeable creed, we will apply all of our company’s resources and work hand-in-hand with partners around the world to achieve our vision.

Yo Honma

President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director

Realizing the New Society Envisioned by NTT DATA

At NTT DATA, we strive to realize a new society by resolving problems through our business and pursuing self-transformation.

Our COVID-19 Initiatives

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