Evolving Project Management: NTT DATA's Integrated PMO and Backoffice Services

Enhancing Global Energy Projects through Expertise and Innovation

NTT DATA provides specialized PMO and Backoffice services to enhance project management across multiple sectors, including energy. By integrating best practices and lessons learned, our services propel organizations towards operational excellence and innovation, aligning with global market demands.


In the ever-evolving landscape of global project management, NTT DATA stands at the forefront, offering robust Project Management Office (PMO) and Backoffice (BO) services. These services are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the energy sector, especially within a globally integrated marketplace. This article delves into how our PMO and BO services empower organizations to excel through innovation and operational excellence.

Client Profile and Scope

NTT DATA services a vertically integrated energy company with a significant footprint across the Iberian Peninsula, engaging in electricity generation, distribution, supply, and gas supply. With operations spanning 29 markets—including key regions like the USA, UK, Italy, and China—the client boasts approximately 10 million customers and employs over 13,000 individuals worldwide. This global presence underscores the complexity and scale which our PMO and BO services operate.

Benefits of Integrated Services

Our integrated PMO and BO services offer several tangible benefits:

  • Continuous Improvement and Control: Methodical progress tracking ensures ongoing delivery enhancements and a better return on investment.
  • Accurate Estimates: Leveraging historical data and lessons learned, we provide reliable project estimates that enhance decision-making.
  • Priority Management: Our strategy focused on deadlines, budgets, resource allocation, and scenario analysis ensures that project priorities are managed effectively.
  • Enhanced Resource Management: By optimizing resource allocation across projects, we enhance individual and collective project team capabilities.

Service Delivery Model

NTT DATA's service delivery model is uniquely designed to address all client requirements comprehensively. This model includes:

  • Transversal Management Activities: These are seen as differentiators adding value and enhancing the success of service delivery.
  • Quality Management and Continuous Improvement: Our model incorporates these elements as core aspects of service delivery, ensuring high standards are met consistently.

Key Differentiators

Several factors distinguish our PMO and BO services:

  • Experienced in Multifaceted Environments: With over 20 years of experience, particularly in Portugal's diverse sectors, our depth of understanding and operational capability sets us apart.
  • Deep Knowledge of Client Realities: Our familiarity with client cultures and organizational structures, derived from more than 15 years of continuous collaboration, enables tailored service provision.
  • Skilled and Diverse Team: Our professionals are not only highly skilled and certified in various methodologies, including PMP, IPMA, and Agile, but are also adept at meeting and exceeding complex project demands.

Continuous Improvement Strategies

We implement several strategies aimed at optimizing and continuously improving service delivery:

  • Integration of Advanced Tools: Utilizing tools like Jira, Confluence, and ServiceNow helps centralize processes and information, facilitating better project management.
  • 360º Collaboration: We maintain a partnership-oriented relationship with clients, ensuring alignment with evolving service requirements and organizational structures.
  • Quality Orientation and Standardization: Our commitment to quality drives the standardization of processes and the application of best practices, enhancing both service efficiency and customer satisfaction.


NTT DATA's PMO and BO services have been instrumental in redefining project management across various business sectors. By integrating innovative practices with traditional methodologies, we help organizations not only meet but exceed their operational goals. As the landscape of global energy evolves, our services will continue to lead the way, paving a path toward a more efficient and effective future.

Leonor Silva

Leonor Silva

Delivery Manager at Digital Services and PMO and BO Services, NTT DATA Portugal

Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes

Manager at Application Services and PM responsible, NTT DATA Portugal