NTT DATA powers up legal mining with LLM

NTT DATA powers up legal mining with LLM

Corporations need speedy, proactive data discovery and insight to effectively manage legal processes, navigate legal proceedings, and avoid unnecessary risks. Gaining a clear understanding of issues and positions from large volumes of data – including contracts, cases, opinions, precedents, and codes – requires legal data mining.

Legal mining can be applied to assist with contract and clause management, term and condition compliance, statute and court proceedings and litigation, as well as intellectual property and branding efforts. However, this process goes far beyond simple data extraction.

Different data formats and varying data sources hold the key to valuable intelligence. The ability to discern and distinguish among all data in a timely and complete manner – and to create the next level of learning from the information – is fundamental to making the most-informed and beneficial decisions.

Most businesses struggle to assess and leverage the full array of data and documents. Manual and outdated solution shortfalls create disadvantage and higher exposure. And, going on the offense, legally, is difficult to impossible without a complete tactical grasp.

Legal mining is expensive in dollar value and time effort. This is especially true for offensive corporate litigation, M&A due-diligence activity, and both customer and supplier contract management. Industry estimates 25%-50% of time and productivity is associated with such data-intensive missions.*1

The good news is that machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models (LLMs) are a few of the tools available today to help businesses gather information, identify trends and relationships, and monitor change. In fact, with Generative AI (Gen AI), companies can automate legal reviews, draft arguments, and predict legal outcomes.

Gen AI models can produce entirely new data, developing summaries as well as denoting patterns and issuing predictions, based on the analyses and insights gained from data sets. Gen AI can keep a client abreast of regulatory updates, associated decisions, and compliance amendments. Any Gen AI solution should arrive in combination with ethical consideration and guardrails. Data privacy, confidentiality, and privilege all must be maintained and protected.

NTT DATA Gen AI solutions intelligently automate services requirements to power legal mining with cost-effective speed. Today, NTT DATA can apply LLM capabilities, for example, to select classes of documents and templates to create more efficient legal mining processes for our clients. Ultimately, as much as 40% of legal tasks can be driven by Gen AI.*2

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  • *2 Deloitte, 2022.

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Priya Joseph, Head of AI ML Practice, Senior Director, NTT DATA

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