IST01 Individual-Centered Design

The power of the individual continues to grow. Technological advancements have increased our ability to analyze people and objects with extreme precision, enabling personalization of services, products and organizations. Continuous and rapid improvement of human-centered design that deeply focuses on the individual is imperative to expand future business opportunities and improve society.

IST02 Expand Beyond Borders

Territorial and digital/physical limitations are fading. The evolution of technology enables businesses to transcend boundaries and delve into untouched frontiers, crossing global and conventional borders. The relentless leveraging of technology and innovation to break down barriers will become a driving force of economic growth.

IST03 Forge New Norms

Technology is permeating society at an unprecedented rate rendering traditional norms obsolete. Conventional standards must be transformed to keep pace with innovation. It is essential to forge, shape and nurture new norms that can adapt rapidly to changes in societal and business environments to achieve a sustainable society.

TT01 Intellectual Advancement of AI

Advanced language proficiency for AI such as translation and summarization is reaching human ability. Modeling human cogitation, AI will gain new capabilities through varied and diverse research efforts. Such ability includes flexibility by applying knowledge and experience once learned and logical thinking by inference using causality.

TT02 Coexistence with AI

AI presently coexists within society. In daily life, numerous individuals use AI and rely and benefit from its capability. Addressing issues such as an explanation of specific results, establishment of quality standards, prevention of discrimination and countermeasures for vulnerability, are essential for continued acceptance and progress.

TT03 Data-Driven Transformation

Data is now the bedrock for growth. Capturing data from unprecedented sources combined with mechanisms for aggregation and analytics will enable new levels of convergence between the digital and physical worlds. This in turn will bolster data-driven decision making and accelerate transformation.

TT04 AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences

AI-assisted medical diagnosis along with the use of more precise and comprehensive data is becoming more accepted and prevalent in practice. Augmenting healthcare workers with AI innovations such as pattern search for genome data and structure prediction for protein promise further advancements in healthcare and the life sciences.

TT05 Security for the Digital Era

Given the limitless application of data, its protection is being re-engineered. On top of traditional protection methods, organizations are implementing zero-trust security measures to counteract breaches quicker and to minimize damages. Business leaders are also adopting privacy protection technologies to keep individual data anonymous.

TT06 Computer Power Evolution

The inexhaustible demand for computing power is being tackled through a combination of new, denser chips and application-specific architectures. To solve power requirements additional new materials like carbon nanotubes, and approaches like photonics and neuromorphic architectures are also being investigated and introduced.

TT07 Synergy in Human-Machine Systems

Pervasive AI is redefining the relationship between humans and machines. Human-machine synergy in systems driven by AI will create added value. For example, AI may offer safer driving for unanticipated dangers in automobiles, but humans can provide flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

TT08 Hardware Evolution for Service Operations

To operationalize service chains with IT, hardware must permeate operations in areas never thought possible. Hardware combined with AI acquires the capability to understand complex surroundings and undertake dexterous operations. As a result, evolved hardware with extensive use of IT is expected to revolutionize service operations.