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~Intrusion Detection System with V-SOC~

Apr 2, 2021
NTT DATA Corporation

TOKYO – Apr 2, 2021 – NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, today published the white paper regarding Digital Thought Leadership in Automotive, which provides a brief on the technical capability of NTTDATA within Automotive onboard and offboard areas through a technical overview.

1.Market momentum

NTT DATA is a cutting edge leading company in the ICT sector. We have years of experiences in the IT domain, in terms cybersecurity and system integration services. Within automotive industry, we extend our ICT capabilities in the cybersecurity space as the connected and autonomous areas and are faced with challenge of security measures through evolving standards and regulations. We have evolved through the traditional enterprise IT and security expertise into providing end-to-end cybersecurity solutions concerning vehicle software both from inside and outside the vehicle.

Our vision in the area of automotive software is to be a catalyst by offering OEMs comprehensive platforms and end-to-end software solutions, enabling adaptation of changes in technology that makes vehicles more intelligent and efficient.

2.Where the industry is heading

The more the digital transformation in the automotive industry progresses, the more cybersecurity becomes an important topic for vehicle manufac¬turers. The perception by common people about cyber-risk in automotive is still rather low, but OEMs and regu¬lators have already understood that, it may no longer be ignored or overlooked.

A cyber-attack on a vehicle might severely affect not only the product safety and performance, but also the driver's and passenger´s safety and privacy. OEMs are putting much effort and investing a lot of money to develop partial or full autonomous driving systems. Particularly in the case of autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity is vital for safety and the physical protection of the driver and his passengers.

From such a situation, UNECE mandates intrusion detection and protection of entire vehicle fleet amongst other cyber risk management for all new vehicle types from July 2022, and for all new vehicles manufactured from July 2024 for EU, Jan 2021 for Japan and South Korea.

3.NTT DATA's insight

To address specific challenges within Automotive Cybersecurity, NTT DATA has developed a unique offering with the intent of providing the end-to-end solution. The end-to-end solution comprises of the in-vehicle software algorithm for CAN-bus based Intrusion Detection System integrated together with its state-of-the-art Vehicle Security Operations Center (V-SOC). Additionally, NTT DATA provides monitoring and consulting services to scale up existing IT infrastructure and cybersecurity frameworks to Vehicle Platforms for automotive OEMs.

CAN Bus IDS Solution

NTT DATA's in-vehicle software algorithm for CAN-bus based Intrusion Detection System is required to be adapted for a specific Vehicle-EE Network topology based on its CAN-bus architecture and software design (on the gateway, on an ECU, on an OBU). The in-vehicle software algorithm based on Anomaly detection leverages a set of profiles/models, one for each CAN-ID (the CAN-ID specifies the function or purpose of a CAN signal) to determine the variations and tolerance that could occur for respective CAN-ID. The monitoring and identification of malicious messages and data is determined through optimal methods embedded within the algorithm to further flag the events to the offboard V-SOC for threat detection and monitoring.

Threat Detection Monitoring services and consulting

The Threat detection Monitoring services consist of offboard platforms comprising of NTT groups Infrastructure and SOC's available globally to detect vulnerability of IT and Connected Systems. These SOC's are adapted to the needs of Automotive OEMs to be integrated with OEM backend or completely managed and operated by NTT group.
The events generated onboard the vehicle through IDS are integrated onto the offboard SOC analyst workbench for further assessment and categorization of risks. An integrated risk-based response is conducted in accordance to the guidelines of the OEMs Central Emergency Response Teams.


The white paper provides a brief on the technical capability of NTT DATA within automotive onboard and offboard areas through a technical overview within the whitepaper. For deeper insights into our technology and platforms, technical positioning of the solution with respect to market competition and commercials; we appreciate you reaching out to us.

Download the full white paper here.


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