NTT DATA has strived to reduce the environmental impact of its IT systems and business activities. NTT DATA has formulated "NTT DATA NET-ZERO Vision 2040” in response to the growing call worldwide to accelerate climate change action. Information technology has brought many innovations to our lives. In this sense responding to climate change, the use of information technology is essential.

"Green Innovation of IT" promotes our own efforts to reach Net-Zero.
"Green Innovation by IT" aims to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality for clients and society as a whole, and enhances our company's ability to respond to climate change (resilience) in the event of abnormal weather, by utilizing digital technologies and collaborating with clients.
Through these two "Green Innovation", we aim to realize new society in response to climate change.

Based on our unweaving commitment to "create a better society through information technology," we will aim to tackle climate change issues with advanced technologies.


Green Action Committee

NTT DATA sets up a Green Action Committee to promote company-wide efforts to tackle environmental actions. This committee oversees the activities of each business division and enhance environmental and social impacts through our services.

Green innovation of IT

Green innovation  of IT

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain of NTT DATA

Green innovation by IT

Green innovation by IT

Contributing to greening of society by provision of IT services to clients

Carbon Neutrality


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of NTT DATA Group and greening of clients and society by IT

NTT DATA Group has set the NTT DATA NET-ZEROl Vision 2040 aiming to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions of NTT DATA Group and carbon-neutral society.

Carbon Neutrality


To realize carbon-neutral society, NTT DATA Group promotes Green Innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain, while contributing to the greening of clients and society.

NTT DATA Group aims to achieve Net-Zero for direct and indirect emissions from its own operations (Scope 1 and 2) for data centers by 2030, the entire company including offices and other facilities by 2035, and its entire supply chain (Scope 3) by 2040.

NTT DATA Carbon-neutral Vision 2050

Evaluation from External Stakeholders

NTT DATA recognized with 'A' score for transparency on climate change

NTT DATA has been recognized for leadership in corporate transparency and performance on climate change by CDP, securing a place on its annual 'A List'. NTT DATA's actions toward transition to net zero carbon emissions have been introduced in the CDP's 'Story of Change' reports in 2021 and 2022 as a leading practice that may inspire and encourage other companies.

NTT DATA recognized with 'A' score for transparency on climate change

Circular Economy


Reduce waste and create a society where the value of products and services continues to circulate

We are using finite resources and generating waste in our economic activities.
NTT DATA aims to realize a society that produces no waste and ensures that resources can be used and recycled sustainability. We promote circularity by our own corporate activities including recycling of used laptops and donating unneeded emergency rations, and provide solutions to clients with our capabilities on blockchain, AI and IoT.

Circular Economy

Nature Conservation


Generate a sound global environment and contribute to people's well-being by conserving and recovering nature capital

We are losing our nature capital at a rapid pace due to socio-economic development associated with land-use changes, pollution, climate change, invation of non-native species, etc. To protect the nature capital and promote sustainable use of resources, we need to understand the relationship between socio-economic activities and nature, and take appropriate measures accordingly.
NTT DATA aims to realize a nature positive society by promoting nature conservation activities and provide solutions to clients with our digital technologies.

Nature Conservation

Parnerships and Alliances

We drive sustainability by partnerships with leading stakeholders.