NTT DATA’s AI Governance

NTT DATA aims to establish a fair and trustworthy framework for AI and data utilization, based on a correct understanding of the risks posed by AI and data utilization technologies.


NTT DATA's AI Governance refers to “the promotion of activities that comply with legal systems and societal norms in AI and data utilization, as well as enhancing societal understanding and acceptance. Its aim is to establish a fair and trustworthy framework for AI and data utilization, based on a correct understanding of the risks posed by AI and data utilization technologies. This enables society and customers to maximize benefits and achieve a sustainable society.”

Risks and Challenges

While the use of AI brings various conveniences, it also presents unique challenges in terms of accuracy and quality control. Effective AI governance is essential to providing reliable and trustworthy AI. Particularly, while the rapidly expanding use of AI has been highlighted for its convenience, there are various risks associated with its outputs, such as errors and biases, information leakage from generated instructions, copyright infringement risks concerning training data and generated content. These risks are being addressed by stricter regulations in some regions and countries and there is an urgent need to improve governance.

NTT DATA, as a company involved in AI, actively participates in government-led meetings on AI governance, with the aim of contributing to the realization of a "more enriched and harmonious society" where humans and AI coexist. Additionally, NTT DATA continues to expand and sustain its efforts in AI governance, focusing on initiatives such as the establishment of "AI Guidelines," "AI Risk Management Policies," and guidelines focused on  the development and use of AI systems.

NTT DATA's Initiatives on AI Governance

NTT DATA not only actively utilizes AI, but also promotes governance activities for control, striving for fair and ethical AI use for value creation and sustainable societal development. These activities focus on both quality and ethics. In response to the trends in generative AI, NTT DATA is also advancing efforts to concretize governance measures for the appropriate use of such technologies. By revising guidelines and policies, we aim to provide our customers with AI services that are secure and reliable.

Governance Structure

NTT DATA Group AI Guidelines

These guidelines consist of five sections and convey the message that "AI should not infringe on basic human rights and should exist to realize the happiness of human society”. They serve as a reference for NTT DATA as it conducts various technological developments and service offerings toward achieving an AI society. To realize these goals, it is necessary to earnestly address issues such as "handling of personal data" and "explainability of AI," and to provide new value to society through co-creation with stakeholders. In addition, we are actively working to foster AI talent and improve AI literacy among our customers in order to increase social acceptance and promote the widespread adoption of AI.

Reflecting the meaning of NTT DATA's Group Vision "Trusted Global Innovator," which encompasses "Trust based on long-term relationships," "Respect for diversity on a global level," and "Business innovation using cutting-edge technology," the guidelines are crafted under the themes of "Long-Term Relationships," "Respect for Diversity/Consideration for Basic Human Rights," and "New AI Value Creation."

NTT DATA Group's AI Guidelines

AI Risk Management Policy

We have established an "AI Risk Management Policy" that defines the AI risks to be managed across the entire group and outlines the management framework. Considering the urgent need for AI governance due to the rapid development of generative AI, we are currently in the progress of establishing rules and processes based on this policy across the entire group.

Rules & Guidelines

To achieve policy-based risk management, we have established concrete and practical management rules for AI in general. In addition, we have developed internal guidelines tailored to generative AI that summarize considerations and approaches from the perspectives of development, deployment, and use.

AI Advisory Board

The AI Advisory Board is a global organization comprised of experts from universities and research institutions in various fields such as social design, software engineering/legal affairs, ethics, resilience, and SDGs. Experts and NTT DATA members engage in discussions on the latest technological trends, regulations, and societal perceptions regarding AI use. The outcomes of these discussions are then incorporated into specific measures for AI governance.

AI Governance Office

The AI Governance Office is an organization dedicated to effectively managing the risks arising from the improper use of AI and promoting its appropriate utilization. It focuses on establishing rules and structures to detect and address AI-related business risks within both the AI systems provided by NTT DATA and our internal systems. By doing so, we aim to create an environment where society and our customers can fully benefit from AI utilization, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.