NTT DATA Senior Corporate Adviser Toshio Iwamoto Met with CAS Vice-President Zhang Yaping and Gave A Speech at UCAS Campus in Beijing

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October 30, Toshio Iwamoto, NTT DATA senior corporate advisor/former CEO, and Tadashi Uhira, NTT DATA general representative of China-Asia-Pacific region, made a speech entitled "Optimizing New Value through Digitalization" to the students in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) for strengthening the partnership. They also had a meeting with Zhang Yaping, CAS vice president, and Li Yucheng, CAS vice director of International Cooperation Bureau, to discuss further collaborations.

Zhang spoke of the cooperation between CAS and NTT DATA, which has maintained a good relationship since the MOU signing in the 1990s. Especially in recent years, CAS and NTT DATA have been cooperating actively in information technology.A joint laboratory and an institution for big data and advanced technology have been established in Beijing and Guiyang, and many substantive collaborative research and demonstration projects are being carried out.
“I am looking forward to deepening the cooperation based on the existing cooperation and playing an important role in China and Japan’s information technology and socio-economic development,” Zhang concluded.

“Since 1995, when the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the People's Bank of China (PBOC) launched the People's Bank of China (PBC) settlement system joint project, CAS has become one of the important partners of NTT DATA after more than two decades of exchanges and cooperation.” Said Iwamoto, and continued,
“This year marks the 40th anniversary of the relationship between China and Japan, and we hope to continue the exchange and in-depth research in more areas in the future.”
In addition to his current position as the senior corporate advisor of NTT DATA, Iwamoto holds positions in important economic organizations in Japan, such as the Japan Economic Federation. He expects to continue contributing to the promotion of cooperation between organizations of the two countries in information technology and the economy in the future.
(See the official report of CAS) (Chinese)

In the afternoon of the following day, Iwamoto went to the Yanqihu Campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), located in the northwest of Beijing, and met with Dong Junshe, UCAS vice president. In commemoration of the 40 years of relationship between Japan and China, reform and opening of China, and also the founding of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the 30 years of NTT DATA, they expressed their hopes for further collaborations in education and scientific research to promote the exchange and communication between young scholars of China and Japan.

After the meeting, Iwamoto gave a speech entitled "Optimizing New Value through Digitalization". The lecture focused on the impact of today's digitalization, from data to information, to intelligent IoT and AI technologies. The audience for the 80-minute speech was more than 120 students and faculty members. Iwamoto gave his autograph on the Chinese version of his book "IT Koufukuron."
(See the official report from the Chinese Academy of Sciences University) (English)

November 7, 2018

Beijing, P.R.China