Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement

NTT DATA works hard to attract, retain and develop our employees through a diverse and inclusive workplace with no limitations to geography, gender or generation.

NTT DATA‘s International Network of NextGEN (NINGEN)

We are very excited to announce our latest initiative, an employee-led community for young talents across our global group, named NTT DATA‘s International Network of NextGEN (NINGEN).

With this talent community, we are creating networking opportunities between employees from different backgrounds, departments and locations across NTT DATA. Membership is open to all who share our vision.

In everything we do, we strive to facilitate connections to create “One NTT DATA”. Together, we will accelerate business, and enhance the brand of NTT DATA, creating a positive social impact now and into the future.

Women Inspire NTT DATA (WiN)

At NTT DATA, we use every resource to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, which respect the individuality of all NTT DATA employees.
Diversity & Inclusion represents one of NTT DATA’s most important management strategies, and it is a pillar of our vision to be a "Trusted Global Innovator" that leverages respect for diversity to enhance creativity in the workplace.

As part of working towards gender equality, Women Inspire NTT DATA (WiN), an employee-led group to support and develop women professionally, was established. Members of WiN are female leaders in NTT DATA group companies all over the world, they are role models for our colleagues, and make different digital careers tangible, which creates a constructively open and collaborative culture within NTT DATA.

With Women Inspire events, NTT DATA will continue to move forward towards gender parity which is an important global objective for the company.

Inclusion Engagement Across NTT DATA

In NTT DATA, inclusion in our workplace creates a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of our employees. We are open to our employees and we want everyone to feel included and supported.

Creative activities for ideas to make us ONE NTT DATA are often held around the globe. Our employees volunteer for various creative activities like yoga in our Hong Kong office. We believe in building healthier and happier teams by creating a culture of wellness that supports, encourages, and promotes the well-being of our people.

You can find other activities with our colleagues in everis UK to make this lockdown more bearable and fun. In one of these our colleague led a session on art and how it can be an effective tool to express our feelings and make us free and happy at the same time. Inspiration can be found anywhere, even at home and we shouldn’t be afraid to be creative.

In India, our team has a virtual cooking competition to connect our employees during these challenging times.

“At NTT DATA we place real significance on creating a diverse and inclusive environment where employees’ voices are encouraged.”

Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement

At NTT DATA, we place real significance on creating an environment where a variety of different voices are encouraged and heard. These voices come from people of different gender, sexual orientation, race, age and ethnicity. We respect the diversity of employees and maximize their capabilities to enhance corporate vitality.

NTT DATA Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Bloom the Power of Diversity

We’re pleased to inform you that NTT DATA established new statement of Diversity & Inclusion for endorsing this initiative.

Our Mission:
Using information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.
NTT DATA, whose mission resonates with its global members and clients, has a cultural foundation of diversity and inclusion.
The effort of deriving the optimal solution from rapidly evolving technology options for each client is our innovation which blooms like a circle around our clients with the depth of different perspectives brought by our employees.
We will further promote respectful work environments to maximize the capabilities of each individual, and work to create continuous value for all.

Diversity and Inclusion Awards

Thanks to these efforts across the company, we have won several awards for diversity and inclusion including best workplace in Japan, Germany, and the United States. Each year the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry presents its Diversity Management Selection 100 awards. In 2018 NTT DATA was presented with the ‘100 Selection Prime’ award, meaning we are one of the top two companies to demonstrate the highest level of diversity management.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve diversity and inclusion.

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