NTT DATA Acquires Stake in CloudHedge Technologies

June 24, 2019
NTT DATA Corporation

Tokyo, June 24, 2019 — NTT DATA, a leading IT services provider, today announced that it acquired small capital stake in CloudHedge Technologies Private Limited based in Pune, India on June 18. CloudHedge Technologies develops and sells technologies and knowhow for the containerization of applications and DevOps processes. Going forward, CloudHedge’s advanced technologies will be integrated with NTT DATA’s digitalization technologies, focusing on legacy digital integration utilizing existing IT assets to robustly accelerate the digital transformation of diverse NTT DATA clients worldwide.

CloudHedge has developed a platform to automate analysis, migration and containerization of applications from datacenter to cloud, which have been adopted by a number of corporations.

NTT DATA Asia Pacific, an NTT DATA company, and CloudHedge have jointly engaged in container and DevOps business since 2018, earning high praise from their clients. Following the just-announced stock acquisition, NTT DATA now aims to further strengthen this collaborative relationship with CloudHedge to expand its business in the containerization and DevOps markets of Japan, Europe and North America, where rapid growth is expected.

Container technology realizes an isolated application operating environment by separating user space on a host operating system for efficient application development, including lower overhead and reduced system resources compared to server virtualization. The technology also offers high portability to enable contents structured in a container to be packaged and moved.

DevOps (development and operations) is a way to combine methodologies, tools, etc., to facilitate cooperation between development and operations divisions, for example, when releasing updates in short cycles, to maximize the value of IT systems.

Legacy digital integration is a combination of technologies and methodologies for digitization while continuing to use existing IT assets. NTT DATA assists enterprise customers with their digital transformations, mainly by providing legacy digital integration through a combination of digital-development methods, consulting, and technologies and knowhow for containerization and more.

Overview of CloudHedge Technologies

  1. 1) Trade name: CloudHedge Technologies
  2. 2) Business: Development and distribution of tools related to container migration and DevOps, and dispatch of highly skilled engineers
  3. 3) Establishment: 2018
  4. 4) Head office: Pune, India
  5. 5) CEO: Abhijit Joshi
  6. 6) Employees: 32 (March 2019)

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