Announcing the introduction of Facial Authentication and Dynamic Pricing at Catch&Go™ digital grocery stores

February 17 2020,
NTT DATA Corporation

On January 16 2020, NTT DATA, a leading IT services provider, introduced Facial Authentication Shopping and Inventory-linked Dynamic Pricing*1 at their experimental Catch&Go™ digital store. Catch&Go™ is a register-less digital store concept being offered to the retail industry. First opened on September 2019, the new store allows customers to register their payment method in advance, enter the store using a QR code for authentication, and take their selected items without needing to stop at a register.
With facial authentication, once shoppers have registered, they will be able to do all of their shopping without needing to take their phones out even once. Dynamic pricing, meanwhile, will reduce losses from waste for store managers by ensuring that the most suitable prices are set at all times.
Isao Arima, Senior Vice President said in a statement, “For some time now, NTT DATA has been looking into the issue of delivering innovative way of customer touchpoints, while also answering the social challenge, such as shrinking labor forces faced by Japan and other countries. That’s why we are excited to be introducing this new Catch&Go register-less service, which has great potential to better support our clients in providing a new customer experience as well as creating an enhanced employee experience. ”
NTT DATA plans to introduce this service at 1,000 retail stores by the end of 2022.


1.Experimental Register-less Digital Store

1.Experimental Register-less Digital Store

Verifiable Capabilities of the Experimental Digital Stores
New functions were introduced on January 16, 2020 to further expand services.

1.Facial Recognition Entry
Consumers can register their facial data from a smartphone in advance and then enter the store using a facial authentication tablet installed at the entrance gate. In addition to the conventional QR code authentication, it is now possible to enter the store and make purchases using a face pass, without ever having to take out a smartphone.

2.Dynamic Pricing Linked to Store Inventory
In-store inventory information and electronic price cards installed on product shelves work together to automatically adjust prices according to inventory status. By always being able to sell at a reasonable price, improved sales and reduced waste loss can be expected.

2. Facial Recognition Entry

2. Facial Recognition Entry

3. Installed Electronic Price Cards

3. Installed Electronic Price Cards

Merits of Register-less Digital Stores
Register-less digital stores offer notable benefits to consumers, shop staff, and business enterprises. For consumers, payment will be stress-free, as once they check in with a single click, there is no need to line up at a register. Their coupons will be applied automatically, and their activities in the store can be visualized to create more personalized preferential campaigns.
For shop staff, eliminating registers will improve work efficiency and reduce working hours. Shelf sensors will allow stock status to be checked remotely, reducing operational burden. And the improvements in labor savings and working environment will enable managers to make their stores more sustainable despite shortages in labor.
And finally, enterprises will be able to maximize purchasing opportunities by eliminating waiting times at registers. And the ability to visualize consumer behavior flow and activity with data will allow improved store design and marketing, creating new sales expansion opportunities.

Video of Experimental Register-less Digital Stores

  • Notes
    1 *1 Dynamic pricing is a mechanism that adjusts prices based on the supply of goods or services

*”Catch&Go” is a trademark of NTT DATA Corporation
*”QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated
*Other company names, product names, or service names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies

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