In business, there are always opportunities to engage with stakeholders in a dialog and make improvements based on these conversations. We value the conversations we have on a daily basis and instill within the Group our commitment to our stakeholders while considering what society at large expects of us as we strive to address social issues.

Overview of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders Nine Related Material Issues Main Approach
Clients All our clients, including corporations, that use services provided by the NTT DATA

Nine material issues

  • Regular sales and proposal activities
  • Client satisfaction surveys
    (questionnaires, interviews)
  • Workshops on addressing social issues
Shareholders and investors Shareholders of the NTT DATA and other individual and institutional investors
  • Smart X Co-Innovation
  • Future of Work
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Dialogue with ESG investors
  • Integrated reports
  • Investor relations (IR) website
  • Financial results briefings
  • Shareholder newsletters
Governments Central and local governments overseeing policies on the IT service industry, employment, the economy, and the environment
  • Smart X Co-Innovation
  • Trusted Value Chain
  • Future of Work
  • Human Rights & DEI
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Various applications and reports
  • Consultative meetings, committee meetings, and research committees held by government agencies
  • Committee meetings and investigative meetings held by industry groups and organizations
Regional communities, NPOs, and NGOs Local communities and NPOs involved with the NTT DATA companies through our core businesses
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Trusted Value Chain
  • Future of Work
  • Human Rights & DEI
  • Community Engagement
  • Participation in community events
  • Collaboration with/sponsoring of social contribution activities
  • Feedback via our website
  • Advisory boards
  • AI Advisory Board
Business partners Business partners that cooperate in providing the NTT DATA services
  • Smart X Co-Innovation
  • Trusted Value Chain
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Strategic collaboration for promoting clients' digital transformation
  • Regular business activities
  • Business Partner (BP) presidents' meetings
  • Discussion meetings
  • Technological briefing sessions
  • CSR questionnaires
Employees Employees of the NTT DATA and their families
  • Future of Work
  • Human Rights & DEI
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Community Engagement
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Management/employee town halls
  • Proposals/helpline
  • Counseling
  • E-learning (online sustainability management briefings)

The NTT DATA emphasizes dialogue in daily operations and instills within the Group its commitment to stakeholders. At the same time, we work to resolve social issues while considering society's wide-ranging expectations of us.

Advice from Outside Experts

Seeking to obtain opinions regarding our contribution to the realization of a sustainable society from outside experts with keen insights into IT and global business matters, in July 2012 NTT DATA set up an advisory board consisting of five business owners and academic experts. Members are appointed every few years and meetings are held twice a year, where members receive advice in the advisory board on management and social issues for deployment in Group’s business operations.

Period 4th period 5th period
Term From February 2019 From April 2022
Frequency of Meetings Twice a year
Advisory Board Members (Honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order)
  • Shinichiro Ito
    Chairman of the Board, ANA Holdings Inc.
  • Naoyuki Iwashita
    Professor, Graduate School of Government, Kyoto University
  • Isao Endo
    Chairman (Japan), Roland Berger Ltd.
  • Kazuhiro Mishina
    Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University
  • Atsuko Muraki
    Guest Professor, Tsuda University
  • Yuri Okina
    Chairman of the Japan Research Institute, Limited
  • Ken Kusunoki
    Professor of Hitotsubashi Business School
  • Tamotsu Saito
    Advisor of IHI Corporation
  • Tetsuro Tomita
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Japan Railway Co., Ltd.
  • Kumi Fujisawa
    Chairman of the International Institution of Social and Economic Research (IISE)
Agenda for Discussion
  • Issues in the previous Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Dissemination and penetration of the New Medium Term Management Plan
  • Promoting ESG management (e.g., work-style innovation)
  • Initiatives for digital government
  • Initiatives aimed at realizing an ideal new society
  • Direction of the next Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Social change through our initiative
  • Role of Global Headquarters for further growth
  • Note:Titles of the members are based on the information in the press release announcing the selection of the members.