Achieving A Sustainable Business in 2023 And Beyond

Introduction / Preface

NTT DATA Innovation Conference 2023 saw NTT DATA and Salesforce Global Business come together to discuss Sustainable Promotion and how to achieve sustainable systems and human resources to spearhead development in day-to-day business operations - all while ensuring sustainability and internal customer engagement as key drivers for social transformation.

Four speakers were involved in this presentation by NTT DATA and its partners in Spain, including:
Yasushi Asaka - From NTT DATA's Strategic Global and Technology focus area with a newly established global innovation headquarters responsible for sports business investment and growth, strategy, planning, and execution
Ivan Ruiz Iban - Manages operations as NTT DATA's partner in Spain. As part of the global account team, he oversees NTT DATA Spain's projects in banking business units in Spain as well as around the world
Jesús Carrasco - NTT DATA Spain's technical manager and biodiversity project manager, focusing on network sustainability
Pablo Rublo Yubero - Leads sustainable initiatives in practice, is in charge of NTT DATA Spain's banking sector clients

Achieving A Sustainable Business in 2023 And Beyond

With growing concerns about climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality on the rise, sustainability is more than just a hot topic; it is a critical area of concern that businesses need to tackle to build a sustainable future.

NTT DATA has compiled several case studies, spanning the Net Zero Cloud implementation project to sustainability management, to garner deeper insights into thinking beyond the future, visualizing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and more.

Sustainable Systems & Human Resources to Lead to DX

Demand for digital transformation (DX) is rapidly growing, and so are NTT DATA's internal operations and efforts toward sustainable growth. Sustainable systems and human resources drive the creation of an overarching Digital Experience, made possible by managing multinational teams, fostering diversity, and driving joint human capital development with consumers.

Managing Multinational Teams

Salesforce's and NTT DATA's team members are spread across 30 countries, operating across various contexts - fostering a global team spirit. Despite the push for digital transformation, both our consulting firms recognize the intangible value of visiting customers on-site to collaborate on solutions.

The optimal balance for DX should incorporate good governance, increased efficiency, local mobility, and distinctiveness. To answer that need, NTT DATA has a technology-focused area of the business that pushes through strategic investment initiatives to promote long-term growth while serving our clients around the globe.

Promoting Diversity In Hiring

Salesforce uses the above infographics to illustrate the gender, nationality, and language diversity in their business ecosystem across the Central Europe and DACH regions. Even in a progressive organization like Salesforce, its upper ranks are still dominantly male - a diversity issue that exacerbates problems like resource depletion and poor organization efficiency.

Companies like Salesforce are now working to solve diversity issues - initiatives that were brought about with the DX era to grow the diversity of gender, age, and ethnicity in organizations to facilitate cross-border recruitment and human resource development and enhance delivery, organization architecture, and design.

Joint Human Capital Development

DX is propelled by continuous talent development and progress.

NTT DATA does not accomplish this feat on its own - we often work closely with our clients in this process, as seen in our partnership with Salesforce to host a 'Banking Program' with one of Europe's largest banks.

This program consists of an eight-week training curriculum for NTT DATA workers who had no prior familiarity with the Salesforce platform or DX. Employees engaged with Salesforce's internal projects, learning about the internal systems through on-the-job training. Through this collaborative effort, NTT DATA and Salesforce have transitioned from being viewed as two distinctly separate vendors to forming a collaborative entity aimed at fostering long-term growth and enhancing DX skills to support business sustainability.

We have built a diverse Salesforce global business team, including global Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and we have a highly consistent track record, recognized by industry analysts like Nielsen, who have labeled us as the market leader in this sector.

Project insights From Net Zero Cloud Implementation at BBVA Spain

NTT DATA Spain was engaged by the Spanish branch of BBVA bank to perform a Net Zero Cloud implementation project, harnessing NTT DATA and Salesforce Problem Solving to align with BBVA's goal of DX and promotion of sustainability management in looking towards the future.

Customer Challenges and NTT DATA Spain's business

Among the wide range of services provided to BBVA, NTT DATA Spain focuses on operations and engineering. For several years, the bank has set its sights on holistic, global DX - a significant shift in organizational structure, company culture, work procedures, customer relationships, and the way that day-to-day operations are managed.

With sustainability promotion being a key theme across business sectors over the last few years, NTT DATA Spain supports a variety of strategic DX initiatives for management concerns, such as Journey to Cloud, Data-Driven Bank, DX on CRM Platforms, and more.

The team implements strategic initiatives to support the global effort of these organizations while collaborating with clients to deploy and consolidate world-class technology solutions. It also assists clients in their journey to tackle cloud challenges iterated across a variety of functional areas.

NTT DATA Spain's good relationships with data-driven bank talent, which are also a strategic resource for the bank, are equally vital. While they continue to work on a variety of initiatives connected to the digital transformation of our customers' channels and customer relationship platforms, Salesforce products are also deployed as well along with various initiatives based on the bank's proprietary technology.

Choosing Salesforce

One of the most significant blockers to operational transformation is change management. Manpower is required to monitor the development of replacements for a single operation in regulating environmental demands.

Ultimately, BBVA chose to use Salesforce to develop commercial strategies and communication with its clients. After they selected the tools to be used, they chose NTT DATA to conduct the implementation because NTT DATA had prepared an approach fully aligned with their expectations and had a strong Salesforce presence with BBVA - on top of NTT DATA and BBVA's long history of collaboration, spanning over 20 years.

Challenges and solutions in implementing Net Zero Cloud platform

Naturally, developing and integrating Spain's largest and first Net Zero Cloud deployment was fraught with challenges both before and throughout the project timeline. Fortunately, before beginning the project, BBVA provided a thorough description of complicated leads and needs, including a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to assess the evolution of environmental Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

NTT DATA kickstarted its attempt to achieve Net Zero Cloud architecture by forming a specialized team - beginning with the manpower for specific business and engineering areas required and progressively building as initial needs were refined.

Effectiveness of the Net Zero Cloud Platform

The Net Zero Cloud Platform initiative met business outcomes, impacting BBVA activities and observable KPIs that could potentially be improved.

BBVA devoted a substantial amount of time and effort to collecting and analyzing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from its own offices and activities as part of the execution of this project. By implementing new technology to monitor environmental indicators in corporate buildings and commercial networks, numerous scenarios can be examined, and an evolution strategy can be implemented to align with environmental commitments. In short, this technology allows BBVA to manage its environmental strategy using data.

Initiatives and environmental plans based on GHG emissions data have yielded favorable outcomes - emissions from more than 7,000 corporate buildings have been managed, over 100 KPIs have surfaced, potential to be evaluated for the advancement of environmental research, and a 16% increase in operational efficiency is predicted.

Challenges in Further Sustainability Management

BBVA's push for sustainable management involves new creative initiatives, using this project as the starting point in its journey to sustainability. NTT DATA and NTT DATA Spain anticipate that BBVA will continue to employ the use of the Salesforce platform throughout their digital transformation journey to achieve sustainability goals moving forward.

The key objective of BBVA is tied to the challenge of green financing to accelerate the sustainable transformation of large industries globally. They have raised their commitment in this sector - targeting €200 billion by 2025 while setting internal targets to promote the use of renewable energies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.

The Net Zero solution is a critical component that pioneers and accelerates future promotions, paving the way for the company to devote more resources to protecting the environment.

NTT DATA's Net Zero Cloud Solution and Roadmap

While the outcomes of the project's initial phase are a significant step forward, the key challenges of the project have emerged - challenges that Salesforce and NTT DATA are working closely to overcome.

While DX efforts, such as Journey to Cloud, can increase system efficiency for your business, they can pose a unique managerial and environmental issue as part of Cloud adoption. We recommend that GHG emissions contributed by the operational energy consumption of IT department services in on-premise and cloud systems be quantified and compared using Net Zero Cloud.

Final thoughts on the project

The adoption and iteration of modern technology are critical to reaching goals - not just for corporations looking to hit corporate goals but also for the rest of us in tackling societal problems. Measurement, risk analysis, governance, and reporting are critical processes in the drive to achieve sustainability.

Now that we have explored DX's implications on sustainability and the challenges that come along with it, it is time for enterprises to take action. Consider embarking on this journey with NTT DATA and tap upon our experience in promoting sustainable management and our tried and tested suite of skills and knowledge to help you carve your niche in the digital era.

Initiatives to Visualize GHG Emissions

GHG emissions in the domestic manufacturing business, such as supply chain visibility, should be visualized in line with GHG Protocol Scope 3.

The term "GHG Protocol" in Japan refers to the promotion of sustainability to educate consumers in the understanding of how much greenhouse gas emissions are made in the domestic manufacturing sector.

GHG Protocol Scope 3 is a methodology used to account for and report emissions from enterprises across all industries globally - and it includes a wide range of supply chains and external partners.

With NTT DATA's work on system architecture development to track GHG emissions, integrators may improve efficiency in collecting and visualizing final products' net GHG emission volumes, attributing them throughout the manufacturing process — from different components in production to manage projects. A wide array of components, such as the Salesforce sales platform, must be integrated into the complex system architecture and managed in order to retrieve the data.

Hence, by leveraging this system architecture globally, we can centralize the management of the Bill of Materials (BOM) and commercial models, allowing us to consolidate our observations on greenhouse gas emissions.

Simultaneously, by helping us observe and understand the breakdown of GHG emissions in each stage of final manufacturing products, this system may support whole supply chain operations, allowing organizations to take exact action upon specific scopes - be it additional monitoring, analysis or reduction.

NTT DATA's Summary Guide To Sustainable Businesses

In closing, building a sustainable business in 2023 and beyond requires your organization to first promote the importance of sustainable business practices. Recognizing the importance of talent and diversity and tackling environmental concerns are crucial for business sustainability. To support this, NTT DATA is embarking on a variety of global on-site initiatives to expand our organization's own sustainability and enforce talent diversity in order to handle client challenges.

NTT DATA develops procedures and systems to facilitate automated data gathering, visualization, analysis, and production - improving our competitive edge and capabilities to offer services in the digital experience. Data is vast and complex, and it is necessary to understand how to utilize it effectively and efficiently across data collection, emission quantity compilation, and result usage. Apart from automating data collection and visualization, it is also critical to develop processes and systems that can be analyzed to facilitate anticipation of issues.

Collaborations like Salesforce and NTT DATA are critical for success in this market since a shared understanding is essential in promoting transformation. The merits of collaboration, as well as the driving principles of execution, talent development, and insights, should be effectively communicated to set the pace for a project's success.