Digitally Transforming Life Science at DIA Europe

NTT DATA attended DIA Europe 2024, one of the largest international conferences for both professionals and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. As a knowledge and collaboration hub, DIA Europe provides a valuable platform for networking opportunities and dynamic discussion about Life Sciences in the digital age. This year, about 1500 people attended over 90 sessions in three days covering everything from regulation to innovation.

The Evolutionary Impact of Emerging Technologies in Life Sciences

DIA Europe involved a Spotlight Session between NTT DATA executives and representatives from MERCK Group and MSU Consulting: “The Evolutionary Impact of Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of the Life Science Industry.” The expert panel discussion focused on advanced technologies such as Quantum computing and blockchain, and their application in the Life Sciences industry from R&D to the commercial sector. Topics included accommodating regulation for emerging technologies in the pharmaceutical R&D space and the rise of personalized medicine. The session also explored the development of digital twins in new drug discovery, and the role of blockchain in data integrity in clinical trials and patient data management.

David Pilarek

Managing Director
MSU Consulting GmbH, Germany

Oliver Koeth

Chief Technology Officer

David Montal

Co-Head of Pharma and Life Sciences

Thomas Ehmer

Innovation Incubator Lead
Merck Group, Germany

Exhibition: Data Utilization

Over three days, NTT DATA demonstrated our progress in digital transformation for the Life Sciences industry.

For example, Dolffia is our AI-based document processing platform based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). It automatically classifies a wide range of document types and extracts relevant data from any type of unstructured source — a valuable proposition when dealing with massive medical data sets.

The fast, accurate and scalable system is regulatory compliant and can answer domain-specific concepts from real-world data (RWD) medical papers, reducing human errors and improving resource management.

Additionally, we published our latest industry whitepaper, “Digitally Transforming Life Sciences”, which explores the latest digital trends and our vision for advanced technology applications across multiple use cases. Topics include tech-enabled personalized medicine, improving the drug discovery process with cloud-based systems and Generative AI, and IT solutions for RWD collection.

To access the full whitepaper, please use the download link below.


Digital Transformation (DX) and Medical Experience (MX) lead the Pharmaceutical industry to new possibilities

NTT DATA’s vision for the future of Healthcare and Life Sciences