Digital Opportunities in B2B – The Intelligent Hazardous Materials Warehouse as a Blueprint for Sustainable Service Solutions

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In a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty and complexity, companies need intelligent, data-driven and sustainable solutions more than ever to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. With the development of an intelligent hazardous materials warehouse for its long-standing customer DENIOS AG, NTT DATA Business Solutions shows exactly what this can look like.

DENIOS, specializing in products and solutions for the storage of hazardous materials and occupational safety, operates in an increasingly volatile market in which new start-ups are constantly entering. At the same time, projects and solutions in this area of hazardous substances, which is so critical for the environment and occupational safety, are often complex. So how can a company such as DENIOS act agile and offer its customers new solutions that meet the high demands and extend the value chain?

Digital Roadmap Creates More Added Value

One thing is clear: Data-driven solutions play a key role. Because there is still a large potential, especially in B2B business. We are supporting DENIOS in designing and successfully implementing the digital roadmap for the business of tomorrow. This includes agile sprints with fast solutions – such as an app on the subject of quantity testing of hazardous substances, which not only serves to increase customer loyalty, but also improves customer understanding by recording user data – as well as groundbreaking new digital products that are designed for the future. The intelligent hazardous materials warehouse of the future is one such lighthouse product, which we are implementing together with the Center Connected Industry of RWTH Aachen University, DENIOS AG and other industry partners.

Our long-standing partner NTT DATA Business Solutions now accompanies us on our new path to digital transformation. As part of our digitalization strategy, the joint development of innovative scenarios helps us to build new digital service offerings for our customers and thus to continue to position ourselves as market leader.
Philipp Bruelheide, Chief Digital Officer, DENIOS AG

Upgrading the Hazardous Materials Warehouse with Artificial Intelligence

The special feature of the solution: All innovative approaches of modern data technology are combinedhere. The knowledge about the storage of hazardous substances, which was previously stored in the heads of employees, and in many cases only in paper form on posters, in hazardous substance leaflets or handbooks, has been transferred to artificial intelligence. In addition, a digital twin of the real hazardous materials storage facility was created. This means that all important information about the warehouse can be called up at any time. This not only facilitates an overview of hazardous substances already stored, but also makes it easier to check all legal requirements for storage and to verify the correct protective clothing of the plant employee via image recognition.

The prototype also has a voice control system – so employees can access the intelligent warehouse themselves using the digital assistant without having to access devices. Where exactly should a certain hazardous substance be stored? How much storage capacity do we still have? Is the hazardous material stored in a safety-compliant manner? The answer to such questions not only makes work easier, but also safer. With the warehouse’s connectivity to a decentralized merchandise management system, e.g. SAP S/4 HANA, reorder processes can be automated in the future.

From the Prototype to the Perfectly Fitting Storage Due to Expert Knowledge and User Perspective

Customer benefit is always at the center of all considerations. The next step is therefore a logical one: NTT DATA Business Solutions and DENIOS will go on tour together and ask potential users of such an intelligent warehouse what further needs and opportunities they see. DENIOS and NTT DATA Business Solutions are convinced that there is a large market for this: Practically every machine and system manufacturer, but also many other companies that deal with hazardous materials in their daily business, can benefit from intelligent hazardous material storage and digitalization.
The prototype of the intelligent storage system is located on the campus of the demo factory at RWTH Aachen University. The project is also an example of the agile development of complex solutions with the help of cooperation and partnerships. NTT DATA Business Solutions has brought together experts from several institutions from the worlds of business and science to develop the best solution for DENIOS.

Together with NTT DATA Business Solutions, industry partners and start-ups, we develop innovative business scenarios with key technologies such as IoT, AI or 5G at the Connected Industry Center and bring them to pre-series maturity via pilot projects. The added value for industry users is that these scenarios allow a realistic view of the future and highlight opportunities and possibilities for their own implementation.
Christian Maasem, Director Center Connected Industry, Managing Director EICe Aachen GmbH

Blueprint for Sustainable Service Solutions in B2B

The project does not only stand for the idea of an intelligent hazardous materials warehouse. It also shows the potential that digitization offers in terms of sustainability in the B2B sector. After all, digital assistants and innovative service solutions not only ensure greater occupational safety, but also the safe handling of hazardous substances and thus greater environmental protection. Therefore, we are also keeping an eye on the sustainability goals of the United Nations with this project in order to contribute to the protection of our environment with sustainable business solutions.
But even beyond the storage of hazardous substances, there are many possible applications for digital assistants. Whether in controlling industrial trucks in the warehouse or helping to operate machines in production – digital service assistants can help make work better and safer in various industries, companies and departments.

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January 25, 2021

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