NTT DATA, everis to Test Smart Alert Solution to Prevent ICU Complications at Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville, Spain

- Aim is to facilitate early medical intervention -

Jan. 27, 2017

NTT DATA Corporation

Tokyo and Madrid, January 27, 2017 - NTT DATA Corporation, a global IT service provider, and everis, an NTT DATA Group company in Spain, have launched a proof of concept (PoC) test of their Smart Alert Solution at Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville, Spain for six months beginning January 30. NTT DATA and everis developed the solution to provide risk scores and other important diagnostic information that doctors and nurses can use to identify which patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) have a very high probability of developing specific serious complications. The risk-predicting solution provides valuable lead-time for proactive medical intervention that can help ICU patients avoid the complications.
The solution predicts risks for three specific complications - septic shocks, acute hypotensive episodes and hypoxemia - all three of which occur frequently among ICU patients and can be fatal. The PoC test will involve patients in 27 beds at the hospital. As many as 175 devices, including medical monitors and blood infusion pumps at each bed, are connected to the system. Whenever data from a device indicates that an ICU patient is in danger of developing a complication, the system sends an alert to enable doctors and nurses to make an early diagnosis. NTT DATA and everis intend to verify the effectiveness of the solution by monitoring the probability of developing complications and making comparisons before/after introducing the solution.
The solution uses AI technology to predict complications up to two hours before they occur. Based on past clinical experience at the hospital, doctors believe that they can shorten recovery times if they are made aware of potential complications two hours in advance, which would give them sufficient time to make detailed diagnoses and then administer appropriate medical treatments. The AI predictive model was developed based on the MIMIC II*1 clinical database of ICU patients and more than three billion vital data points, plus basic patient data such as examination results and medications stored at Virgen del Rocio University Hospital since October 2015.
The solution and its AI prediction model can be operated continuously on one system to collect data on ICU patients and send alerts in real time. Conventionally, such information is collected from individual medical devices and then communicated to doctors via monitors and/or by paper. The new solution achieves distributed-stream processing with open source software (OSS). As soon as a potential complication is predicted, the solution sends an alert to a device at the patient’s bedside and to the mobile devices of the medical personnel on duty. Alerts also include relevant vital data to facilitate early diagnosis and informed quick decision making.

According to Dr. Tsuyoshi Kitani, EVP at NTT DATA, “Clinical findings show that early medical intervention can lead to effective recoveries for ICU patients suffering from serious life-threatening illnesses or external injuries. Our solution uses real-time patient data to predict a potential complication hours before an event and then send an alert to the patient’s bedside as well as the mobile devices of doctors and nurses. This gives the medical staff time to carefully study the patient’s history and latest vital signs and then decide the best intervention to avoid the complication.”

“Our solution uses real-time patient data to predict a potential complication hours before an event and then send an alert to the patient’s bedside as well as the mobile devices of doctors and nurses.”

“In real time, the alerts can offer objective insight for early and intensive intervention on the importance of the variables that most influence the apparition of a harmful event.”

According to Dr. Francisco Murillo, head of the Intensive Care Services at Virgen del Rocio University Hospital, “In real time, the alerts can offer objective insight for early and intensive intervention on the importance of the variables that most influence the apparition of a harmful event. We can use this insight to act in such a way as to positively change the course of the intervention process. Additionally, this aspect makes the alerts extremely useful for training young doctors and nurses.”

NTT DATA and everis also plan to conduct separate PoC tests in other countries, beginning with a test in Latin America from March to verify that the solution works regardless of differences in patient lifestyles and other factors.
If the PoC tests in Spain and Latin America are successful, NTT DATA and everis plan to add a smart alert function to “ehCOS*2 Smart ICU,” one of the many packages of ehCOS, a suite of world-class eHealth products developed by everis for the healthcare industry and launched mainly in Spain in November 2016. The solution is expected to be marketed in Spain, South America and North America from this summer.


1.MIMIC II is a clinical database that anonymizes data on ICU patients at American Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for the purpose of providing open data for medical research. MIMIC-III is a large, freely accessible critical-care database. Johnson AEW, Pollard TJ, Shen L, Lehman L, Feng M, Ghassemi M, Moody B, Szolovits P, Celi LA, and Mark RG. Scientific Data (2016). DOI: 10.1038/sdata.2016.35. Link)

2.2ehCOS is solution for healthcare organizations developed by everis to support the quality and safety of patient care. The solution contains seven packages, such as “ehCOS CLINIC” next-generation electronic health records that support medical processes, the “ehCOS PMG” patient information management system and “ehCOS CSH” for sharing patient information among more than 1,100 healthcare institutions in Europe and Latin America.


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About everis

everis, an NTT DATA company, is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services. The company has 16,000 professionals working in offices and-high performance centers in 14 countries. As part of the NTT DATA group, everis can offer a wider range of solutions and services through increased capacity as well as technological, geographical, and financial resources that help provide the most innovative solutions to customers. For more information, visit Link).

About Virgen del Rocio University Hospital

With a 55-year history and a staff of more than 8,000 professionals, the Virgen del Rocio University Hospital is one of the largest health centers in Spain and the largest hospital complex in the Andalusian public healthcare system. This hospital serves a population of more than half a million people in the province of Seville and is a regional and national reference center for the most complex specialties and procedures. Each year the Hospital sees to more than 50,000 admissions, 310,000 emergencies, 61,000 operations, 1,000,000 consultations, approximately 300 transplants and 8,300 deliveries. For more information, visit Link).


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