NTT DATA Launches Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence

—Expects to have 5,000 experts in four centers of excellence worldwide by FY2021—

May 21, 2019

Tokyo, May 21, 2019 — NTT DATA established its Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI CoE) to develop further expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and train engineers engaged worldwide in the AI field on May 21, 2019. The “center,” actually a network of engineers with specialized skills related to AI at NTT DATA companies around the world, is tasked with developing AI assets and applying them toward the global expansion of digital businesses.

NTT DATA’s global digital strategy, one of the cornerstones of the company’s medium-term business plan to fiscal 2021 (ending in March 2022), is centered on using centers of excellence as bases for developing cutting-edge technologies. NTT DATA also has CoEs for Blockchain, Design and DevOps, in addition to AI.

By end of fiscal 2021 (March 2022), NTT DATA expects its four CoEs to have some 5,000 experts worldwide engaged the development of advanced digital technologies for Blockchain, Design, DevOps and now AI. Going forward, NTT DATA aims to steadily strengthen its presence in digital business by nurturing advanced-technology specialists through its CoEs.


Global Technology Strategy

NTT DATA is accelerating its digital businesses under the company’s current medium-term plan. The company’s global technology strategy, which is being overseen by a steering committee comprising executives from group companies worldwide, encompasses three key initiatives:

  • Innovation Acceleration—pursue new opportunities by having operating companies in each country identify business needs and then conduct proofs of concept with customers to leverage advanced technologies in new businesses.
  • Business Acceleration—develop solutions for specific industries, such as finance or healthcare, by integrating advanced technologies acquired through either Innovation Acceleration or the research and development activities of NTT DATA operating companies.
  • Digital Competency CoEs—develop new assets, conduct AI training and deliver value-added services to help clients expand their businesses.


Digital Competency through CoEs

NTT DATA, utilizing its global network of CoEs specialized in AI, Blockchain, Design and DevOps, is developing core technologies for digital business, aiming to apply these technological assets in support of its customers’ digital transformations.



The AI market is expected to grow to $36.8 billion by 2025. To earn the trust of global partners in the AI field, NTT DATA has established its new AI CoE as a network for developing AI technology assets and applying them toward digital-business expansion. Initially, some 130 AI specialists from NTT DATA and its Spanish subsidiary everis will develop solutions, provide services to customers, train AI specialists, and strengthen NTT DATA’s AI vision. Going forward, AI specialists from various group companies around the world will join the AI CoE as its activities expand. A ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the AI CoE was held today at everis’ Living Lab in Barcelona, the base of everis’ AI business.


Blockchain CoE

Blockchain first attracted great attention as a platform for supporting cryptocurrencies. Thereafter, the technology has been expanded to other fields, creating momentum for its broad application in business. NTT DATA established its Blockchain CoE in 2017 to develop greater expertise in this field to and explore business opportunities. Currently, more than 300 members in 20 countries are sharing case studies, knowledge and technology evaluations with the goal of leveraging blockchain in business.


Design CoE

The Design CoE operates the NTT DATA Design Network to explore digital business design studies from a wide perspective, including by sharing examples and know-how and supporting related projects. In the previous fiscal year, the Design CoE expanded to 15 global sites and more than 300 design experts. It also established the AQUAIR Fluid Experience Design Studio in Japan to seamlessly handle everything from the planning of customer digital businesses to pilot demonstrations and marketing. In the same year, more than 100 customers and partners visited the studio, including to use it as a base for technical verifications and new services that combine the design of digital and real spaces.


DevOps CoE

NTT DATA established this global system in 2017 to accelerate its Altemista cloud platform for collaboration among development and operations functions, mainly in the committer country of Altemista Cloud. It is currently encompasses more than 300 members operating in six countries. Primary activities include R&D in the digital domain, support for sales and delivery of agile software development, the global expansion of the Altemista cloud, and the agile development of human resources worldwide.

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