NTT DATA Announces the Release of the Version 7.1.1 Major Update to their WinActor® RPA tool

Available from 39 resellers in 76 countries

October 15, 2020
NTT DATA Corporation

Tokyo, October 15, 2020 – NTT DATA Corporation (Headquarters: JAPAN), has released the Version 7.1.1 major update to their WinActor RPA solution on October 2020.
International sales will begin in 76 countries, through NTT DATA's 39 sales partners. WinActor already has the largest RPA solution market share in Japan, and NTT DATA has been expanding overseas since 2016, working together with sales partners in each country to improve service levels everywhere.

"I am very excited to be able to start selling WinActor Ver7 with our sales partners all over the world. We have considered many things about providing WA at the global level, and it's ready," said Takuya Nakagawa, Business Leader of WinActor, NTTDATA Corporation.

"WinActor, which features easy operation, will bring about a DX revolution not only for overseas branches of Japanese companies, but also for companies all over the world. "

Features of WinActor Ver.7: Making everything easier

For Customers
  • Easy-to-use interface makes implementing the software simpler, without the need for advanced IT personnel
  • Easy operation makes learning easy to learn
  • Simplified fee structure makes work- and cost-reduction benefits easy to visualize
  • Sales partners in each country can provide a wide range of support, including DX and other services
For Sales Partners
  • Streamlined sales are possible without the need for advanced IT personnel
  • Global Support Center can provide ready sales and technical support
  • A wide range of support programs are available (quick start-up / daily support / advanced proposal skills, etc.)
Functional features
  • Fully remade software architecture powers up processing speed
  • Renewed UI emphasizes visibility and operability
  • Improved work efficiency through simultaneous editing of multiple scenarios
  • Screen OCR enables more efficient scenario creation
  • Backward compatible with scenarios of the previous versions (Ver.5 / Ver.6)
  • Scenario development possible using text editors (for advanced users)

OfficialVersion Demo Movie

"We have been using WinActor in our BPO business for four years. We also deliver WinActor in China for especially JNMC. I hope a launch of WinActor Ver.7 helps to boost our sales in this market."said Yongdong, Gao/ President & CEO /NTT DATA (CHINA) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

"Since 2017, NTT DATA Vietnam has been offering WinActor to support the DX shift of Vietnamese customers," said Naritoshi Masuda (President), NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd.

"Along with that, we provide technical and sales support as WinActor's APAC Support Center so that WinActor sales partners around the world can provide better support to their customers.
From our perspective in charge of technical and sales support, Ver.7 has become easier than ever, so we believe that it will be more useful to all customers."

Global sales partners

  • Four continents: EU / APAC / AFRICA / AMERICAS
  • 39 sales partner companies in 76 countries worldwide (as of September 2020)
  • Sales are currently focused in Asia / EU, with expansion coming soon to Latin America / Africa / Middle East from the end of October

WinActor Global Support Center – APAC(Facebook):

WinActor Global Support Center – APAC(Youtube):

"In the near future we will add WinActor Ver.7 to our pool of Intelligent Automation technologies as a Distributor and Support Center for EMEA market, based in Romania. In combination with our consulting and BPO capabilities, we will continue providing high quality tailored solutions that address specific needs and add value to client organisations." said Catalin Vamesu (RPA Competence Center Manager), NTT DATA ROMANIA S.A.

The NTT DATA Group is now moving forward with its Global One Team Initiative by combining the expertise and resources from Group companies and partners in Japan and overseas as well as facilitating business collaborations across nations and companies that strengthen the NTT DATA Group's worldwide brand power as "One NTT DATA".
Our domestic and overseas companies are working in concert to construct the necessary support structure as quickly as possible in our transition from our previous role as a systems creator into a global business partner that is leading the way to international business success.

Support Center

Support Center


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