Tax Transparency

The NTT DATA complies with tax-related laws and regulations throughout the Group, including overseas Group companies.
We established basic guidelines on tax affairs in view of the growing importance of adopting a global perspective on properly addressing and managing tax risks posed by the multinationalization of Group companies and the increase in international transactions.
By extending the guidelines to domestic and overseas Group companies, including regional head offices, we aim to maintain and improve tax compliance and optimize the tax burden on the entire Group. 

Raising Awareness among Employees 

In practice, we have established internal regulations and provide guidance on appropriate tax treatment to employees.
The NTT DATA (consolidated subsidiaries) has established basic guidelines on taxation and strives to rigorously observe laws and regulations and reduce tax risks through employee education, guidance and operational improvements. 

Relationship with Tax Authorities

We have established relationships of trust with tax authorities by providing appropriate and timely information and consulting on accounting procedures.
If issues are discovered by tax authorities, we immediately work to determine their causes, except when filing an objection or litigation against the actions or opinions of tax authorities.
We then prevent recurrences by adopting appropriate corrective and reform measures.

Revenue (FY2021)

Revenue Approx.¥3,371billion
Japan 2,031
United States 483
Spain  202
Germany  122
Italy  76
United Kingdom  72
India 66
Other  319

Profit Before Tax (FY2021)

Profit Before Tax Approx.¥308billion
Japan 274
United States 5
Other  29

Taxes Incurred (FY2021)

Taxes Incurred Approx.¥129billion
Japan 114
India 3
Other  12

Tax Amount Paid (FY2021)

Tax Amount Paid Approx.¥114billion
Japan 101
India 3
Other  10

Number of employees (FY2021)

Number of employees Approx.151,600persons
Japan 40,900
United States 14,200
Spain 18,800
Germany 6,000
Italy 5,200
United Kingdom 2,200
India 28,000
Other 36,300
  • * The above amounts are based on "Country by Country Report" submitted to the Japanese tax authorities and are not directly related to the consolidated financial statements.