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Paige San Felipe

People and Organization Consulting

United States

Paige San Felipe is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has been living in Atlanta since she moved there for university in 2014. After graduating from Emory University, she began her career in management consulting and has been working at NTT DATA since September 2020. She is currently a Manager in the People and Organization Consulting practice. She describes herself as someone who loves seeing and being near water, playing water sports, and has been an avid water polo player. While Atlanta doesn't offer a convenient coastline, she tries to visit lakes on the weekends and is looking forward to soon moving back to California and getting back into the Bay lifestyle.

Making life-long friends in an engaging and supportive working environment.

Tell us about an interesting project

My role in the People and Organization Consulting practice is to help our clients effectively create and navigate the ever-evolving workforce. It includes things like helping clients get their workforce working productively while maintaining motivation. I was recently involved in a large transformational project for a manufacturing company. They had four key transformational objectives for their IT department which we thought would be best addressed through a 2-day in-person workshop.

It was a pretty exciting and memorable project for me because 40 senior leaders from all over the world came together to attend the workshop and exchange ideas. It was fast-paced and a great learning experience. Also, because it was attended by everyone in the same room for the first time since the pandemic, it really felt like there was a togetherness and an excitement among the participants.

Describe a regular working day

Like everyone else there was a period when I had to work at home, but since those stay-at-home enforcement have ended, I have found that working at home suits me much better than the set up I had before. I used to work in another consultancy before NTT DATA which involved being at the office and travelling a lot. I still travel to client sites occasionally but generally I work at home. Although I spend most of my day by myself, I don't feel isolated because I've made some amazing friends at work who I can chat with online or send a text to, and when we do get to meet in person it feels like we've known each other forever. I think that's testimony to the special vibe of the company, where we all stay connected and are very friendly and supportive of each other even though we don't physically meet every day.

Why do you like NTT DATA?

I mentioned before that although we all work remotely, and I will continue to do that once I move back to California, there isn't any erosion at all in the unique sense of community I get working at NTT DATA. I've made some really good friends and coworkers and I think it's because of our uniquely supportive culture. Generally, turnover in consulting tends to be higher due to a lack of identity with one's firm, but I've noticed that once people start working at NTT DATA they stay for many years. I can see why they and I want to keep working here - it's the people that make it special.

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