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Vijay Bhambri

Operations Manager


Vijay Bhambri lives in Gurgaon, near to New Delhi with his family, and has been working with NTT DATA since 2021. He has had a long career in technology consulting with some of the most recognized names in the industry. However, when the opportunity to join NTT DATA arose, he jumped at the chance because of its reputation for developing talent and for offering a dynamic and interesting working environment. When he isn't working on operation management project for his clients, he loves nothing more than to enjoy his family life in the evenings and especially at the weekend.

Growing personally and professionally every day

Tell us about an interesting project

One project that I love is for a UK-based commodity trader and logistics house. It is one of the largest private metals traders and the second largest global oil trader. As you can imagine they need to have a reliable and secure service. At first, there were some challenges during the project’s initial phase, but with the cooperation of the client through valuable feedback, we were able to fine-tune the system to meet their needs better.

These days the project is considered to be a smashing success, and the reason it sticks in my mind is that without collaboration and teamwork that success would have been much harder to achieve. It’s testimony to the dedication and hard work people put in to making something work, not just well but at a very high standard.

Describe a regular working day

Because I am in charge of seven Enterprise compute towers every day is like a new challenge for me. What I love about it is that the work itself is quite challenging, and as a person that needs to be challenged, it suits me very well. I manage Enterprise compute towers for a UK-based customer, that has its operation located all over the world. Since I have been working at NTT DATA, I have closed multiple Go to Green (G2G) plans for towers that have faced operational difficulties. One expression that I like to use to describe that is to turn an escalation into an appreciation. I can honestly say that we do very well and get a lot of client appreciations.

Although I can work from home to do my daily tasks such as Major Incident Management (MIM) and Hand overs to Support (HOTS) quite efficiently, I also enjoy going into the office a few times a week to touch base with people in my team, to problem solve face to face and to have some quality time together. For me, the ability to work at home and to go to the office to meet my team is an excellent balance of my time.

Why do you like to work at NTT DATA?

I have to say that the reputation for personal and professional development offered by NTT DATA is well-founded. Right from the get-go I was offered lots of diverse challenges through projects that have grown my knowledge base in the industry and developed my ability to be strategic when it comes to problem-solving. But it’s not only the diversity of projects that has helped me grow, it’s also the encouragement I get from my peers to always touch base with them if I have something I need help with. This is true even of senior management who are always on hand to support my work. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else and being here really cements the idea that I made a great choice when joining NTT DATA.

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