Driving Transformations in e-Mobility: Insights from NTT DATA at Mobility Live Asia

Driving Transformations in e-Mobility: Insights from NTT DATA at Mobility Live Asia

NTT DATA participated in the Mobility Live Asia event held in Bangkok on November 1st and 2nd.
On Day 2, NTT DATA took to the stage to present transforming mobility in Asia, with a focus on user-centric, data-driven e-mobility solutions.

User-Centric e-Mobility Solutions: from Data to Drive

Megan Wang of NTT DATA China suggested the need to change the user's customer journey, especially the purchasing experience, as they change to EVs.

NTT DATA has been assisting customers in response to the EV revolution, through the abilities of Strategy Consulting, UIUS design, Customer Journey design, and Implementation.

Customer journey design was presented in the booth and gained significant attention of visitors from the automotive industry.

Next, Wilfred Tan from NTT DATA Singapore presented the "NeXT Mobility Business Suite NXT 2.0". He introduced NTT DATA’s cloud-based Electric Vehicle Business Suite, comprising three key platforms: NXT-CMS: e-mobility management Platform, NXT-EDP: e-mobility Data Platform, and eva: Conversational AI Platform.

NXT-EDP, our e-Mobility Data Platform, was chosen by EVe (EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd.) in Singapore, to bolster EVe's mission to deploy a nationwide network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) and upgrade the supporting electrical infrastructure. This platform will aggregate information from EV Charging Operators (EVCO), analyze the data, and generate revenue-focused insights. (press release)

All these comprehensive solutions were exhibited at the NTT DATA booth. Customer walkthroughs were provided, further explaining the functionality and impact of these platforms on the EV ecosystem.

As the inaugural participation of NTT DATA at the Mobility Live Asia event comes to a close, we reflect on our commitment to driving innovation in mobility solutions, pushing the envelope of what's possible with technology, and redefining the e-mobility landscape through user-centric, data-driven strategies.

Megan Wang
Vice President, NTT DATA China

Wilfred Tan
Head, Platform Services, NTT DATA Singapore