How can corporates act for Decarbonization?

NTT DATA showcased our commitment to Sustainability and ESG at Decarbonization Expo in Tokyo, focusing on Green by IT.

Sustainability, climate change, and excessive greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are the global complex issue of today. Those are now priority for countries, businesses, and individuals. Innovation and technology play a vital role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Why should we care as individuals? 

Because it is a matter of wellbeing. There will be a critical loss of wine-producing regions worldwide of approximately 56% by 2050 and 85% by 2100.
The damage will concentrate in the Mediterranean region, and Italy will lose 68% of suitable climatic areas.

Why should we care as corporations?

Because it brings value:

  • To our business
  • To our people
  • To society

NTT DATA Group proposed “How corporates can act for Decarbonization” in Decarbonization Expo 2023 Tokyo.

Sai Sekar, Head of Global Industry from NTT DATA Group and Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Head of Sustainability & Green Tech from NTT DATA Italy explained the flow how corporates can act for Decarbonization dividing 3 steps;

  • Step 1. Know your impact – Measure, Manage data and Visualize
  • Step 2. Act to improve your impact – Define targets, Transform and Optimize
  • Step 3. Make it valuable for your business – Rethink business and organizational practices and models.

Maria presented “The Carbon Credit Market” as an example for Step 3 “Make it valuable for your business”.
A carbon credit is a financial unit corresponding to a ton of carbon dioxide being permanently removed from the atmosphere (carbon offset) – or, alternatively, avoided altogether (carbon abatement/elimination). After the oceans, forests are the second largest absorber of CO2 on the planet, and – if transformed into sustainable forest projects and certified within internationally recognized standards – can generate carbon credits. The idea behind the carbon credit market is to create an economic incentive for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our NTT DATA’s presentation grabbed a lot of attention from audience, and it proved that how important this topic is.

We at NTT DATA take such great changes as an opportunity for further growth. Based on our slogan "Realizing a Sustainable Future", we will continue work on addressing social challenges and contributing to the global environment from both aspects of our own corporate activities (of IT) and business activities of our clients and society (by IT) contributing the three dimensions of "Clients' Growth," "Regenerating Ecosystems," and an "Inclusive Society," thereby aiming for further growth together with our clients.

Sai Sekar

Sai Sekar
Head of Global Industry from NTT DATA Group

Maria Vittoria Trussoni

Maria Vittoria Trussoni
Head of Sustainability & Green Tech from NTT DATA Italy


NTT DATA Group Corporation
Global Marketing & Communication Headquarters
Shinsuke Yoshinaga, Ayaka Matsuzawa, Yui Sakuma

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