We are happy to announce that we'll be participating in the Decarbonization Expo in Tokyo.


Our environment and society are constantly undergoing significant changes and businesses are required to address societal issues and preserve our global environment, while driving business growth.

We at NTT DATA take such great changes as an opportunity for further growth. In May, 2022, we developed a new *medium-term management plan which has stepped up our existing ESG-oriented management initiatives and promotes such efforts as sustainability management with a long-term perspective.

In this plan, we set forth "Realizing a Sustainable Future" as our slogan. We will work on addressing social challenges and contributing to the global environment from both aspects of our own corporate activities (of IT) and business activities of our clients and society (by IT) based on the three dimensions of "Clients' Growth," "Regenerating Ecosystems," and an "Inclusive Society," thereby aiming for further growth together with our clients.

As one of those steps to realize a sustainable future, we have launched several sustainable carbon neutral solutions and case studies, which will be showcased in the Decarbonization Expo in Tokyo from 13-15 Sep 2023.

Here are the keynote presentations from NTT DATA:

Sep 13 (Wed), 15:30 - 16:00
Yu Chiba, Sr. Manager Automotive Industry, NTT DATA Japan

Carbon Neutrality with Mobility & Energy Transformation:

With our connected car platform offerings, we can achieve both benefits for the commercial facility side brought about by congestion relief and carbon neutrality. By notifying drivers and business operators of the congestion situation due to movement between cities such as movement of people, logistics, sightseeing, dispersal of traffic flow will be induced, and congestion will be resolved.

Sep 14 (Thu) 14:30 - 15:00
Shinsaku Minamida, Head of Sustainability Service & Strategy, NTT DATA Japan

For Net Zero. Scope 3 reduction of GHG emissions:

NTT DATA can integrate individual suppliers' Green House Gass emission reduction result. This solution enables companies to connect with each other, resulting in promoting engagement among themselves. Also allows companies to incorporate their suppliers' reduction actions to their own emission results. Eventually contributes to promoting the entire society's decarbonization.

Sep 15 (Fri) 11:30-12:00
Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Head of Sustainability & Green Tech, NTT DATA Italia

The Carbon Credit Market - Road to the Sustainable Future:

A carbon credit is a financial unit corresponding to a ton of carbon dioxide being permanently removed from the atmosphere (carbon offset) – or, alternatively, avoided altogether (carbon abatement/elimination). After the oceans, forests are the second largest absorber of CO2 on the planet, and – if transformed into sustainable forest projects and certified within internationally recognized standards – can generate carbon credits. The idea behind the carbon credit market is to create an economic incentive for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Please make sure to secure your time not to miss our sessions!


NTT DATA Group Corporation
Global Marketing & Communication Headquarters
Shinsuke Yoshinaga, Yui Sakuma

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