Transforming Mobility: Major Transformation and Key Themes incl. EV shift

NTT DATA made its mark at Mobility Live Asia event in Bangkok, held on November 1st and 2nd, demonstrating its commitment to innovation in mobility. This article is part of an insightful keynote presentation by Yuki Fukui from NTT DATA Japan, "Transforming Mobility in Asia: Drive values across industries, navigate behavior change through EV adoption."

Major transformations in the Automotive Industry

Looking at the market trend, Automotive Industry is facing to some critical social issues, such us engineering and manufacturing transition, Technology innovations and Carbon Neutrality.

We NTT DATA has been identifying that this trend will trigger the three transformations in the automotive industry:

1. Carbon neutrality causes EV shift.

2. Software-first innovations are accelerating transformations in manufacturing processes and supply chain management.

3. Business model transformations are unfolding with an increase in digital channels and adoption of Mobility as a Service.

These shifts are dramatically altering the fabric of the automotive industry. Concentrating on advancing decarbonization efforts, achieving carbon neutrality is not simply about adopting EV’s. It's about increasing infrastructure like charging stations and creating value-added services that make EVs more appealing. Moreover, becoming carbon neutral means addressing emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, from production to disposal and recycling.

The role of software technology as a source of competitive advantage in the automobile industry is evolving. Continuous service creation and updates are deemed essential for survival.

Furthermore, the need for generating new services beyond the automotive industry, a step towards creating new cross-industry markets contributing to the growth of mobility services. In our vision, software technology and data platform are two key forces driving the progress in mobility services and vehicle function.

Four key themes in EV ecosystem

As we move closer to the EV ecosystem, the intertwining of Energy Industry and Mobility Industry appears inevitable.

Four key themes pivotal in this regard are:

1. EV customer journey set to alter consumer behavior

2. Green IT for accelerating carbon neutrality

3. Energy management augmentation with the rise of EVs

4. Re-usability of batteries across industries

We have presented several case studies. Here is one of them, the case of Smart Transportation for Green IT to accelerate carbon neutrality.

Finally, we announced an exciting new project in Singapore. It involves providing a platform service that manages and analyzes EV charging infrastructure contributing to an efficient EV ecosystem.(NTT DATA Singapore awarded tender by EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd. (EVe) for deploying seamless EV charging experiences. | NTT DATA)

Be sure to catch our next article, as we delve deeper into the sessions by NTT DATA China and NTT DATA Singapore that took place on the second day of the event.

Yuki Fukui
General Manager, Automotive Industry, NTT DATA Japan


NTT DATA Group Corporation

Global Marketing & Communication Headquarters

Shinsuke Yoshinaga, Ayaka Matsuzawa

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