Growth Driven by IT

IT drives and guides business. It is at the center of corporate activities, both as a touchpoint to provide customers with the best possible services and as a tool for rational decision-making based on the accumulation of objective facts. In particular, AI supports advanced and intelligent decisions, changing how people work and do business. At the same time, IT also poses a risk around the world as a means to commit various crimes and destabilize society.
Using case studies, we will reconfirm the business growth brought about by IT and the competitive capabilities created by technology, while seeking ways to address the negative aspects.

Borders Transcended by IT

IT-driven businesses have the power to transcend existing business and industry barriers. Smart things change manufacturing and gather all kinds of service-oriented industries on the smartphone, leading to supremacy in competition. Companies that excel in IT will be able to realize new forms of business, centering them in unprecedented divisions of labor and collaborative relationships.
Such destruction will further grow trade areas and transcend future boundaries.
We identify such border crossings and value transformations brought about by IT using case studies to seek out new opportunities and challenges.

The Future of IT

The continuation of an IT-driven society is a major challenge. The first challenge is maintaining technological innovations, the source of growth. Additionally, IT service companies will be expected to address new rules to protect the global environment and integrates further with human society to gain more trust. As IT plays more and more fundamental roles in society, it will become further crucial to prove the origin of data handled by IT and preserve ballooning quantities of data ensure for future generations.
We will clarify the initiatives where IT functions as an essential infrastructure in society and expand its scope of activities to explore its future possibilities.

Growth-Supporting Mainstream Technology

A set of technologies that will support the continued growth of IT and determine when new utility businesses will materialize. We confirm its current status and foresee its direction.

  • AI will enhance everything called "smart"
  • Data condensation and software improvements will accelerate
  • Clouds will engulf everything and transform the edges

Border-Transcending Growth Technology

Near-future growth technologies are undergoing trials and constantly evolving to secure new areas of differentiation. We foresee possibilities that are becoming increasingly apparent, as well as further evolutions.

  • Earthly barriers are transcended using space infrastructure
  • Robotics will achieve intelligence
  • Virtual worlds will more fully integrate with people

Future-Pioneering Emerging Technology

A number of elemental technologies that are beginning to show signs of materializing through efforts to explore innovative growth in the near future. We foresee their feasibility, and the potential extent of their destructive power.

  • Next-gen computers will allow IT to continue taking the lead
  • IT will make decarbonization a reality
  • Bioinformatics will expand the future