NTT DATA announced functional enhancements to its ehCOS Remote Health telemedicine solution, proving additional support to over 20,000 coronavirus patients

January 13, 2021
NTT DATA Corporation

January 13th, 2021, TokyoNTT DATA, a leading IT services provider, announced that its unique cloud-based telemedicine solution, ehCOS Remote Health, provided by NTT DATA's subsidiary, everis Group (hereafter 'everis'), has been updated with advanced functions in response to the spread of the new coronavirus. The enhanced ehCOS Remote Health system has already been put into use in Europe and South America, providing comprehensive support for regional medical centers including self-triage, virtual treatment, data management, data analysis and more for over 20,000 patients.

everis, a subsidiary of NTT DATA, operating in Spain and Latin America, has developed ehCOS Remote Health, a comprehensive health management solution for healthcare organizations to handle epidemic and pandemic situations.

ehCOS Remote Health enables patients to administer self-triage and receive diagnostic guidance, and allowing healthcare workers to monitor patients, both those who have been diagnosed and those who are unverified but experiencing symptoms, via telephone. Patients provide their health status to the system, which is continually updated so that all parties are aware when any changes occur. It also provides videoconferencing support and an integrated chat system so that there is complete coordination between the patients and caregivers. Since the onset of isolation measures, this has made ehCOS Remote Health an essential tool for healthcare institutions.

In addition to these utilities, new functions have been added and modified to provide further assistance against COVID-19, which are being offered for existing clients in the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe and South America. These include monitoring functions to improve patient communications specifically customized for COVID-19, the ability to link with EMR, and a newly-developed chatbot to enable patients to comfortably communicate with hospitals from their homes and receive care remotely. Utilizing the new monitoring function for COVID-19, for example, call-center operators can follow up on patients staying at home based on priority. Moreover, operators can make doctor appointments or arrange food and medicine delivery for patients who do not have severe symptoms.

The new chatbot features the EVA, virtual voice and text input assistant, which greatly simplifies the self-triage process. In particular, the EVA can be used to improve patient segmentation, designing of patient journeys, automation of contact tracing, video conferencing, remote monitoring, standardization and improvement of clinical inbound and outbound information flow, and more.

"Technology is an ally in this world-wide challenge. Self-diagnostic tools are changing the way that patients are cared for, providing flexibility, strength and extremely valuable information to the healthcare system," claims Gabriel Ciaburri, Health Services Director at everis Argentina.

NTT DATA and everis are committed to investing in the development of the ehCOS Remote Health platform and increasing the positive impact it can have on society throughout South America.

As the current crisis changes the world dramatically, advanced knowledge and strong technological capabilities are increasingly important in creating a new future. Among our efforts to promote the use of artificial intelligence, organizational reforms the use of the cloud and other cutting-edge technologies, ehCOS Remote Health emerges as an innovative tool supporting one of the most important sectors of society. The field of telemedicine has had to develop rapidly, and NTT DATA and everis have applied cutting-edge technology in the service of healthcare systems that have been in great need.

Example of new chatbot function of ehCOS Remote Health

Example of new chatbot function of ehCOS Remote Health


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