NTT DATA Publishes InsurTech Global Outlook 2022

The main trends and insights regarding the activity of Insurtechs, Insurers, New Entrants, and Regulations

April 21, 2022
NTT DATA Corporation

TOKYO – April 21, 2022NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, has announced today the publication of the sixth edition of its Insurtech Global Outlook report, this year with a new focus on the Four Forces of Acceleration of the Insurance Liquid Ecosystems.

The study analyzes the four sets of entities that influence the evolution of insurance: Insurtechs, Insurers and their Digital Garages, New Entrants and Tech Giants, and Regulations. It explores their activity in 2021 and the trends that will be impacting the industry in the near future.

< Overview of Insurtech Global Outlook 2022 Report >

1. Executive Summary

A brief selection of the 20 most relevant insights of the Four Forces of Acceleration reports.

2. Insurtechs

An observation on the activity of Insurtechs in 2021 by segment, region, technology and business model, and their consolidation as disruptors of the Insurance industry.

3. Insurers and their Digital Garages

An analysis on the investment and partnerships of Insurance companies with startups: its investment logic and preferences when participating in the Insurtech ecosystem.

4. New Entrants and Tech Giants

A study on the role of New Entrants and a comparison between Tech Giants and Industry Giants when investing in startups. The Ecosystem Disruption and our vision on the Journey to Ecosystem.

5. Regulations

An overview on the consequences of worldwide regulations and directives on innovation in the Insurance industry. The rise in Regulatory Sandboxes and the implications of Open Insurance.

The report examines the market's revitalization after the outcome of the pandemic and draws conclusions on the prosperity of Insurtechs and other players in Insurance. It also points out historical highs in Insurance companies' investments in startups, giving proof to their supported belief in these companies as sources of disruption and expansion for their businesses.

The study goes into greater detail on various issues such as the investments received by Insurtech by region, lines of business, and technology investments. It also analyzes the companies in which the insurance firms decided to invest and their logic in funding, as well as the main movements with regard to insurance ecosystems. The analyses are conducted from different yet complementary viewpoints, such as those of the Insurtechs, the insurers, and the Tech Giants.

Additionally, the report focuses on the involvement of Industry Giants as opposed to Platform Giants in the ecosystem and their continuous striving for leadership in this network. The investigation also provides a vision of how regulation is promoting innovation in several regions and what is to be the impact of Regtech companies in the upcoming years.

Insurtech Global Outlook 2022's results reveal that 2021 was a very positive year for the sector, putting up impressive figures and moving beyond the health crisis. Data also showed the emergence of new interests in terms of business models and lines of business and how new entrants are progressively closing the dominance gap in the industry.

All of these variables combined produce a realistic picture of the insurance sector, investor preferences, and the technologies that define the trends that are reshaping the insurance universe in the era of interconnected companies.

Moreover, the real-time data gathering carried out for this report, along with its exhaustive analysis, guarantee a more realistic and precise outlook of the insurance industry around the world, serving as a trustworthy guide for Insurance leaders towards thoughtful strategic planning.

Bruno Abril, Partner NTT DATA EMEAL Insurance, highlights that: "The expertise we have developed during the past six years allows us to better understand today's Insurance industry challenges. Learning about the impact of these four forces translates into real and valuable knowledge for Insurance Executives to anticipate trends and opportunities and make informed decisions in the short and medium-term".

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