NTT DATA to Release Beta Version of MaaS "Mobicomma" for Tourists at ORIX Rent-A-Car center, Naha Airport in Okinawa from June

June 3, 2022

NTT DATA Corporation

TOKYO – May 20, 2022NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, announces the release of the beta version of Mobicomma™, a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution for Tourists, on June 15 in Okinawa1.
Mobicomma is a MaaS environment for Tourists, a solution beyond daily mobility for the future where autonomous driving is realized. The several tablets installed in the vehicle allow passengers to share their travel itinerary, and suggestions for tourist spots based on their location and destination. Mobicomma brings a comfortable travel experience in the vehicle.
The car rental and car-sharing business operators would be able to add value to their original transportation business and find new opportunities to offer new in-vehicle businesses.
ORIX Auto Corporation will provide this service at their car rental shops around the Naha Airport from June to September1. Tourism companies and local governments will also be able to use this system for their sightseeing services.
NTT DATA aims to commercialize Mobicomma in FY2023 and expand the number of the car rental and car-sharing operators applying this system in the tourism industry. NTT DATA will also engage with Automotive Company to develop the service for private vehicles and self-driving vehicles.


NTT DATA's corporate philosophy is using information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society. To achieve this mission, the company will continuously create new businesses based on consumers' needs collaborating with our customers and business partners across multiple industries.
As part of that movement, the Mobility Commerce Service Concept2 was launched in June 2020 to find potential opportunities for our mobility services aiming for the future where autonomous driving is realized. The company has completed technology verification testing3, and trials to verify the effectiveness of services4 with various partner companies.
Based on these results, NTT DATA decided to release a beta version of its Mobicomma's MaaS service for tourists on June 15.

About the Mobicomma Beta version

Mobicomma Beta Version Website (Japanese)
(Google Chrome and Microsoft edge are recommended.)

Service Overview

Mobicomma is a service that brings a comfortable travel experience in the vehicle. Using tablets installed in the vehicle, everyone can share the same information, freely make travel plans, and receive suggestions on destinations and hidden spots. In addition, this service also allows passengers to enjoy karaoke and other content. Mobicomma's "main character," Sasuke, will accompany you on your journeys.

Main Features (*Services provided are subject to change.)

  • Recommendation for local sightseeing spots and tips
    • Our main character "Sasuke" provides information on sightseeing spots nearby and tips specific to the area.
  • Creating a personalized travel plan
    • Users can create their own plans, rearrange the itinerary in real-time, and add new destinations based on their location and destination.
  • Navigation based on the itinerary
    • Once the travel plan is registered on the tablets in the passenger or rear seats, the system shows the route and automatically links to the smartphone in the driver's seat. The driver doesn't need to set the destination every time.
  • All passengers can choose their destination together
    • Passengers can use the tablets in the passenger and rear seats to modify the travel plan. There is no need to leave everything to the driver, or for one person to research information on their smartphone by themselves.
  • Entertainment function
    • Passengers also can enjoy Karaoke and sound effects. The system allows travelers to create memories even on long-distance trips or when stuck in traffic jams.

Benefits for Users

  • Travelers
    • The system helps to decide where to go and research destinations to make your travel more relaxed and fulfilling.
    • All passengers can share their travel experiences and memories.
  • Mobility Business Operators
    • The system enhances the value of the mobility and tourism experience.
    • They can create new business opportunities by partnering with multiple service providers in location and find new opportunities to offer new in-vehicle businesses.
  • Tourism Companies / Local Governments
    • The system generates tourism demand and helps to invigorate local economies through new in-vehicle businesses.

Operator Providing the Service

The service is provided with ORIX Auto Corporation and JTB Communication Design, Inc,
Service information is as follows.

Period June 15 to September 30 (Plan)
Target Users Travelers (+1,000)
Business Location ORIX Rent-A-Car Naha Airport (Japanese)

Future Plans

NTT DATA aims to commercialize Mobicomma in FY 2023. We are aiming to collaborate with the following types of businesses to expand the service area and also engage with Automotive Company to develop the service for private vehicles and self-driving cars.

Mobility Companies

  • Automotive Company
    • Development of a roadmap and specific plans to provide the service in private vehicles and self-driving cars.
  • Rental Car / Car Sharing Companies
    • Verification testing in Okinawa and other areas using NTT DATA's Mobicomma platform.

Tourism Companies / Local Governments

  • Expand the range of tourism spots available through Mobicomma (sightseeing locations, restaurants, etc.), and explore new services using the content.
  • Develop high value-added services and content for travelers to stimulate tourism demand and revitalize local economies.


  • Mobicomma is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation.
  • Names of products, companies, and organizations are trademarks or registered trademarks of those companies.


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