NTT DATA is a SAP Global Strategic Service Partner with the capability, global reach and specialised resources to offer you a wide range of consulting, business transformation, project implementation and operations services.

Leading the Path for Innovation and
Transformation with SAP

NTT DATA is a globally trusted innovator that empowers successful digital transformations for clients worldwide. We specialize in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, life sciences, utilities, travel transportation, and CPG, while also serving all other sectors. Our local presence combined with global reach sets us apart.

One notable achievement of NTT DATA is its multiple SAP Pinnacle Awards. These awards recognize excellence in various SAP products, and NTT DATA has received them in almost all SAP products. These awards highlight NTT DATA's expertise and success in implementing and supporting SAP solutions

Our passion for technology and business development drives innovation, accelerating client transformations. As the right partner, we provide expertise in SAP and local industries, solving complex challenges. As a long-term strategic partner, we ensure sustainable and efficient client success. Together, we turn foresight into reality.

Leading the Path for Innovation and Transformation with SAP

Discover Technology Trends in SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is SAP's intelligent and modular ERP that enables the integration and management of organization's business processes in real time through a single cloud platform. It helps you achieve a more capable Enterprise Core, enabling digital and collaborative work in the ecosystem. It is the most powerful SAP ERP that adds agility and efficiency.

NTT DATA is a platinum partner of SAP and has won many SAP-related awards including in SAP S/4HANA. We have the expertise and experience in SAP implementations with leading technology to help clients succeed.

Meet Our Expert

Reimund Lips

Reimund Lips
Head of Global Digital Practices - SAP S/4HANA Transition

Reimund Lips has been working as a consultant and project manager in multiple SAP ERP implementation and rollout projects all over the world for more than 30 years. In his current role as Head of Global Digital Practices - SAP S/4HANA Transition, he is responsible for the development and implementation of our global SAP S/4HANA transition methodology.

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SAP S/4HANA and the Intelligent Enterprise

Read how most companies would benefit from a combination of cloud and SAP technologies to achieve a more capable Enterprise Core.

  • Responsive, Adaptable and Intelligent Organizations
  • Rethinking the Business Core
  • The NTT DATA Point of View
  • The Road to Transformation: The Sap S/4Hana Journey
  • NTT DATA and SAP
SAP Global Platinum Partner

SAP Global Platinum Partner

NTT DATA is one of a few SAP Platinum Partners in the world. This most strategic and global partnership level is by invitation only and based on a business case approved by the SAP Executive Board.

SAP Global Strategic Services Partner

SAP Global Strategic Services Partner

NTT DATA is recognized as a Global Strategic Partner by SAP means that our company has a privileged partnership that extends beyond a conventional business relationship. This provides us with exclusive access to SAP's latest technological innovations, enables close collaboration in product and service development, and ensures comprehensive strategic support. This designation reflects our commitment to excellence and positions us to deliver cutting-edge business solutions that drive long-term success for our clients.

SAP Services

Our value offering considers the entire SAP portfolio, both functional and technological, as well as business and industry end-to-end process knowledge to provide specific value offer for our clients.


We give answers to the diverse needs of C-levels of the organization and we support our customers in the adoption of SAP technologies, by tailoring their SAP landscape to their specific needs.


We are specialized in complex transformation programs, including all SAP Digital Core (SAP S/4 HANA) and Line of Business applications (SFSF, CONCUR, ARIBA, IBP,etc.), for multi-wave implementations and roll outs.

Managed Services

We cover all the lifecycle of SAP platforms with our Long run Services (AMS, testing services, VAR, etc.) in combination with sprint-based innovation approach for Service automation (RPA; IA tools), Service assessment, etc.

SAP S/4HANA Adaptation - SAP S/4HANA Center of Excellence and Conversion Factory

We provide a tailor-made solution for SAP S/4HANA adaptation, using the right combination of tools and covering all aspects, from technical migration to business requirements, as well as technological innovation.

SAP Extensibility and Connectivity Using SAP BTP

We help our clients on their path to Intelligent Enterprise, to accelerate and simplify their processes with the adoption of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), by using our framework NTT DATA Advisory Suite Enterprise.

SAP Based Assets

We promote the development of SAP-on-top solutions, creating tailored templates and solutions using our own products and accelerators.

Our Expertise


SAP Professionals

We have more than 20,000 SAP professionals who include leading experts with best practice know-how in almost every industry and technology.


SAP S/4HANA Projects

We are the leading global SAP partner in number of SAP S/4HANA projects and live customers and have deep experience in SAP S/4HANA conversions, model companies and landscape transformations.


Countries Covered

NTT DATA provides global SAP coverage, spanning multiple regions and delivering cutting-edge integrated solutions.

Success Stories and Latest Insights

Success Stories

Read how companies in various industries solved their challenges by partnering with NTT DATA.

Latest Insights

Read and watch our latest thinking, case studies, trend analysis and more by NTT DATA professionals.

A deep-dive into the Artificial intelligence revolution

The rise of Generative AI is now helping automate core management and administrative processes, and SAP is using these capabilities to accelerate and improve outcomes, helping deliver the Intelligent Enterprise. Yet issues related to data integrity are causes for concern, so NTT DATA is working with SAP to deliver AI-enriched services trained on data that is relevant, carefully managed and “cleaned”- providing AI benefits without the risks.

Water Technology Giant Considers ERP Systems Overhaul

Water Technology Giant Considers ERP Systems Overhaul

The client is a large American water technology provider in the manufacturing industry. Working in public utility, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings, it’s a global provider in its sector that has become a Fortune 1000 company following over a decade in the industry.

Meat-Packing Giant Gains Understanding of More Efficient SAP Architecture

Meat-Packing Giant Gains Understanding of More Efficient SAP Architecture

The client is a “business-to-business” brand and has multiple SAP deployments. The packing plants are operated on a dedicated basis for the client's customers, and their business model has been adapted from country to country to meet local requirements in each case. The client works in close relation with leading food retailers to help them serve their customers.

   NTT DATA Enters End-to-end Partnership with Global Conglomerate

NTT DATA Enters End-to-end Partnership with Global Conglomerate

One of the six main companies is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe products and related services for the world’s energy industry, as well as other industrial applications. As a leading company in the Americas, the client manufactures and processes a broad range of steel products using advanced technology in production facilities located in the region.

Meat Exporting and Production Giant Looks Towards an Innovative Digital SAP S/4HANA Future

Meat Exporting and Production Giant Looks Towards an Innovative Digital SAP S/4HANA Future

The client is a globally renowned Scandinavian food company. They are primarily focused on the processing and sale of pork and beef, with a key emphasis on their goal of ensuring a future-proofed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and to achieve this a migration to SAP S/4HANA is recommended.

Asian Heavy Industry Company Undertakes Digital Cloud Transformation

A new case study from our client, a heavy-industry in Asia with a century of leadership, explores their consideration of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for its affiliates. The Proof of Concept included planning, scenario selection, and workshops on financing and purchasing. Results provided clarity on solution architecture and project scale.



The NTT DATA GxP Data Lake provides a highly scalable and compliant cloud-based data management platform for pharmaceutical companies that wish to gather various types of data from multiple IT systems and external data sources. It can be applied to a wide variety of business challenges, enabling pharma companies to become more data-driven and embrace Pharma 4.0.

AI Built for business

In this podcast Ricardo Langa discusses the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with Thomas Nørmark and Adil Mohammad, leaders of the AI practice at NTT DATA. Just hit “play” to hear a fascinating exploration of AI’s present and future uses with a particular focus on the SAP world.

ATTP-EWM integration accelerator

ATTP-EWM integration accelerator

NTT DATA's ATTP-EWM integration accelerator simplifies and shortens the time required to implement complex integrated serialization into warehouses processes used by life sciences manufacturers or wholesalers and in other industries. It can adapt to different regional and national regulatory requirements and has been designed to adapt to evolving needs.

Significant Changes in Energy Companies

Significant Changes in Energy Companies

The energy market is undergoing significant change due to the broad scope of the industry, the need for decarbonization, and the rise of renewables.
The key to successful transformation lies in digital platforms and ecosystems, as well as effective production, customer management, and integration of data.
NTT DATA is a leading SAP partner with exceptional capabilities in managing IT and OT systems, bridging the gap between technology and operations, and providing integrated solutions in the energy industry.

Key Trends Reshaping the Automotive Industry

Key Trends Reshaping the Automotive Industry

NTT DATA's experts in automotive industry and SAP analyze the key trends reshaping the automotive industry and explain the requirements and suggestions for transformation, collaboration, and integrated systems such as SAP in an uncertain market.

The Road to Smarter Manufacturing

The Road to Smarter Manufacturing

Industry experts at NTT DATA analyze the key trends and challenges in manufacturing where the ultimate stage of transformation, hyper automation where distributed AI forms a network for decision-making across the value chain, lies ahead of us. It explains the requirements and solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA, to enable digital processes for success.

Consumer Goods: From Challenge to Profit in a Changing 
CPG Market

Consumer Goods: From Challenge to Profit in a Changing CPG Market

CPG companies are shifting focus from ERP integration to digitalizing operations and supply chains. This white paper explains how NTT DATA provides holistic solutions through global reach, SAP expertise, and industry knowledge.

Key Trends, Strategic Assessment, and Vision for Life Science Industry

Key Trends, Strategic Assessment, and Vision for Life Science Industry

In this white paper, NTT DATA's experts analyze the major trends and strategic directions required for success, including real-time data and renewing ERP with such technologies as SAP S/4HANA supplemented by AI and Blockchain.

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NTT DATA brings a consultative approach and deep industry expertise to deliver practical and scalable IT solutions, including SAP, that help large organizations accelerate their digital journeys.

NTT DATA Business Solutions

NTT DATA Business Solutions has specialized in making SAP centric industry solutions work for midmarket and international companies in lower large enterprise - and for their people: We transform SAP solutions into value.

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NTT DATA expands its portfolio of services and solutions with various expert partners that provide tools and services to help our clients with transformation, measurement, automation, analysis, CX/EX improvements, and many more.

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