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Initiatives to Support Remote Working

NTT DATA Italia, Italy

The purpose of this project is to support all employees' healthy working life in NTT DATA Italia during the COVID-19 emergency until March 2021. The project started in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 emergency and so far has produced many significant initiatives such as the production of new courses to work virtually with colleagues and clients, but above all it is the basis of a great change of mindset, a new way of working together.
All of us suddenly found ourselves involved in a different world, which required a different way of working, "remote working". We tried to apply the methods we had, but these were built to work in professional spaces and not in domestic contexts.
We immediately realized that working from home needed a different organization and strong emotional skills.

We provided so far 3500 hours of 9 sessions to 650 participants. Ninety seven percent of the participants said the initiative was very useful.

The contents of 9 web seminars:
1. Do not work in pajamas
2. Dedicates breaks to yourself
3. Do workout
4. Mindfulness
5. Find time to work
6. Take your time to reach your goals.
7. Play with your children
8. Define 3 Goals
9. Make On-Off of your working day
10. Organize your desk
11. Dedicate yourself to what you like
12. Organize your lunch
13. Ask for help

New programs will start from September, 2020 to March, 2021.

SUSTAINABILITY > Community > Initiatives to Support Remote Working

Project Team

Francesca Micheli
Head of HR Learning & Skills area
Co-founder and Head of NTT DATA Human Academy
Linkedin https://linkedin.com/in/lamicheli

Giorgia Guarino
HR Learning & Skills area specialist
Leader of NTT DATA Human Academy

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