CEO Message

Welcome to NTT DATA, Inc., your global technology services partner. Since our establishment in October 2022, we have been expanding worldwide and leading digital transformation. Our successful track record in implementing business reforms overseas demonstrates our ability to navigate challenges and achieve positive outcomes.

By strategically combining NTT DATA and NTT Ltd., we have solidified our position as a leader in technology services. What makes us stand out is our comprehensive portfolio, dedication to clients, decentralized management, and forward-thinking approach. We provide more than just IT services, offering solutions in Data Center, Network, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Edge Computing, always prioritizing the evolving needs of our clients. Their success propels us forward.

At NTT DATA, Inc., we are committed to enhancing our global presence through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our expansion plans focus on key industries like banking, insurance, automotive, healthcare, telecom, and media. With a focus on innovation, attracting top talent, and investment expertise, we are well-positioned for ongoing growth and success.

Join us on this transformative journey as we leverage technology to shape a brighter, connected future. Together, we can push the boundaries of innovation, exceed expectations, and deliver unmatched value to our clients worldwide.

Kazuhiro Nishihata Representative Director President

Kaz Nishihata
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Company Outline

1) Name NTT DATA, Inc.
2) Address 3-3, Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
3) Title and Name of Representative Kazuhiro Nishihata, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
4) Business Description NTT DATA group global business governance, strategy formulation, policy promotion, etc.
5) Shareholder NTT DATA Group Corporation: 55%
NTT Corporation: 45%
6) Stated Capital Amount 340 billion yen
7) Accounting Period March 31

Structure of Execution

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Position(s) Name Organizational Responsibilities
Representative Director
Kazuhiro Nishihata CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Executive Vice President Abhijit Dubey CTO (Chief Transformation Officer)
Executive Vice President Bob Pryor North America CEO
Executive Vice President Chieri Kimura EMEAL CEO
Executive Vice President John Lombard APAC CEO
Executive Vice President Norbert Rotter Business Solutions CEO
Executive Vice President Shuichi Sasakura Global Technology Services CEO
Executive Vice President
Hideaki Ozaki CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Executive Vice President Takashi Taniyama APAC President
Executive Vice President Hideki Kurihara CDSO (Chief Digital Strategy Officer)
Executive Vice President Noriyuki Kaya CDAO (Chief Digital Assets Officer)
Executive Vice President Masahiro Yanagawa North America President
Executive Vice President Taro Nagaoka CAO (Chief Administration Officer)
Albi van Zyl CSS&OO (Chief Sales Strategy and Operation Officer)
David Costa CSBO (Chief Sustainability Business Officer)
Dilip Kumar CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Mona Charif CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Steve Wiliams CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
Sylvia Steinheiser CM&AO (Chief Merger&Acquisition Officer)
Takanobu Maeda CRO (Chief Risk Officer)
Takashi Kano CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer)

Structure of Board of Directors

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Position(s) Name
Representative Director
Kazuhiro Nishihata
Executive Vice President
Hideaki Ozaki
Director Patrizio Mapelli
Director Marvin Mouchawar
Director Robb Rasmussen
Director Vab Goel
Director Ken Katsuyama
Director Shinsuke Sugiyama*1
Director Alejandro Ferreiro Yazigi*1
Company Auditor Katsumi Nakata
Company Auditor Kanae Takahashi
Company Auditor Tomoko Hoshi
  • *1 Shinsuke Sugiyama and Alejandro Ferreiro Yazigi are outside directors.