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Barkha Setia

GBSS Training Manager


Barkha Setia was born and raised in New Delhi, India. She joined NTT DATA right after graduating from her Batchelor’s degree in 2011. She started out working in the Financial Receivables department handling a portfolio of 50 customers. In 2017 she was nominated to join the ELP program, and after completion she moved to the Procure to Pay department. She was recognized for her hard work and became a manager in 2020. Barkha was happily married 2022, and in 2023 became a proud parent of a baby girl.

In her free time, she is passionate about singing, loves to draw as a form of relaxation and is hoping to pick up studying German again when she has time. In the meantime, she enjoys going places with her husband to introduce her daughter as many environments as possible. Barkha currently works at the NTT DATA office in Gurugram about 30km outside New Delhi.

Getting recognised for doing great work.

Tell us about an interesting project

In 2018 NTT DATA acquired Dell services. As part of the acquisition our customer portfolio doubled in size. Originally, we had about 500 customers, and about another 1000 were added. I and my team were charged with going to the Dell office in Hyderabad to meet the outgoing Dell personnel and get the customer collection information. As part of this I had to hire 20 people for the team. Our role was to coordinate the transfer of accounts that involved collecting customer money and recording them in the system so that we could delete clear their invoice balances. It was a lot of work, but a great opportunity to get all the data collections download from Dell in just three days.

My reward for doing a fantastic job was to be promoted into a new role that was more focused on people and less on financial operations. As a person who loves to talk to people and to be involved in their development, this opportunity was a just reward for hard work.

Describe a regular working day

As I mentioned, I am a real people person. I have always been a pretty confident speaker and so I love to interact with others, give presentations and generally mobilize people. So, of course the changing work dynamic has been a challenge, but what I have noticed since we transitioned to the hybrid model is that people can be very productive at home.

I too have adapted my style, and mainly work at home while still going to the office once a week. For me that means that I start and finish on time and can enjoy the rest of the day with my family. My baby is still less than 1 year old so, working at home now is hugely beneficial for me until she can be a bit more independent.

Why do you like to work at NTT DATA?

The best thing about life at NTT DATA is that I get a lot of support from the people around me, especially my managers. An example is that immediately after I started working here, I was allowed time in the first 2 years to study for a master’s degree. I was given time to study and time off to take exams. I can't think of anywhere else I could work that would allow me such flexibility right after joining the company. With NTT growing, I was provided with some great opportunities every time we took over new companies that has helped me grow overall.

Another example of how we support each other within the organization is the Women’s initiative. I have been a part of that group since 2018 and our purpose is to elevate the roles of and opportunities for women. I feel this is so helpful and has really helped a lot of women grow and become recognized. I couldn't imagine working anywhere other than NTT DATA.

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