Dan Phuong Nguyen

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Dan Phuong Nguyen

General Manager Pre-Sales and Delivery Department


Dan Phuong Nguyen lives in Ho Chi Minh in southern Vietnam with her husband and two teenage sons. As someone who equally values work and family, Dan Phuong balances her work commitments well with family activities. She makes time to be with her sons so they can cook and have meals together and generally enjoy quality family time. She also loves to bake and to fill her home with the aromas of baking, especially cookies. Outside of the home she meets with her friends for lunch and takes time to keep fit at the gym. Dan Phuong has been with NTT DATA since 2014.

Driven to succeed in work and life

Tell us about an interesting project

A very memorable project for me was one that I was involved with about five years ago. We were building a data warehouse for a household name and the largest and well-known brand in Vietnam. That wasn’t unusual, but the thing that made it different was that we had a resource crunch and a deadline shift from the client at the same time.

As I was the project manager, I had to manage the resources and the client expectation and the moral of the team. In the end, I was able to foster collaboration between teams and drive to completion despite the constraints. It was memorable to me because it was a new business contract that was extended by the client due to our excellent service and delivery. Moreover, it proved to me the benefit of teamwork and the trust we have here at NTT DATA to work collaboratively to get great results.

Describe a regular working day

Since the pandemic ended along with stay-at-home instructions, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work in the office every day. I know that a lot of people like to work at home, but for me there are two important reasons why I like to go into the office.

The first is that I really value work-life balance and the best way to achieve that in my opinion is to work in the office. I’m good at knowing how to prioritize my work, and once I’ve fixed my schedule for the day, I am quite efficient in how I work and am driven to complete all tasks before leaving the office to return home

The second is that I work with a great team of people and really value the ability to touch base with them every day or to have meetings on the fly so we can resolve any roadblocks or issues we might have in our projects quickly.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

The thing I value the most about life at NTT DATA is having the opportunity to personally grow and to help society both through the work we do with our customers and our general values. I believe that the NTT DATA concepts of client first, foresight, and teamwork really fosters a positive attitude among our colleagues here in Vietnam. I know first-hand that the relationships we have with our clients are more ethical than at other companies in that we focus on the services we provide rather that how those relationships might benefit us personally.

From my side, I have always been encouraged by my managers to try new things to enhance and progress my career. It seems to me that management is extremely proactive and positive when it comes to development of people in the company, and this is the main reason why I continue to enjoy working at NTT DATA.

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