Jemimah Ngari

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Jemimah Ngari

Employee Relations

United States

Jemimah is originally from Kenya in East Africa. She emigrated to the U.S. in 2013 with her two children and studied for a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology while still working as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. She is a real hands-on person, who loves to do things around the house – she is known for her D.I.Y. She also is an avid cook and interior designer and enjoys watching documentaries about people, food and travel, as well as having an interest in art of mixology. Jemimah started work at NTT DATA in as a contractor for 1.5 years before becoming a full-time employee in 2018. She is currently working in Employee Relations.

Striving to achieve positive growth as a person and add value to others.

Tell us about an interesting project

When working as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, I engaged in a project that was tasked with creating categories for an employee awards program. In total we came up with 6 categories which were adopted and used to recognize employee achievements from 2022. The purpose was to recognize achievements of people who reflected and promoted the company core values and to encourage others to embrace those values. After the awards categories were crafted, my role was to reach out to the team that managed the social networks to ask them to provide the three most active users of our social platform ‘Everyone social’ to be recognized under the social butterfly category. Our first recognitions were formally done in the Global Workforce Planning Quarterly All Hands meetings in 2022.

This project was memorable for me because I have a personal interest in human behavior especially in areas related to personal and professional growth. I appreciate a chance to create ideas that can influence and motivate people within the organization. Hopefully, this project and the work I do contributes towards improving motivation and employee retention.

Describe a regular working day

My work is 100% remote, which is great for me because I like an early start eliminating the stress of commuting and increasing my workspace comfort. My day starts at around 6:30 when I help my son get ready for school, before officially starting work at 7:30 am. I have a regular working day that involves meetings with my team on certain days, attending to Employee Relations cases, and taking training either arranged by the team, Company or Employee Resource groups. During downtime, I engage in self-development such as participating in internal training. Having flexibility in my work schedule allows me to have a balance between work and life each day while still contributing to a productive team. I am able to start early and finish early, giving me an opportunity to meet family demands as a single mom and focus on other personal interests.

How do your values align with NTT DATA?

Autonomy is a key word for me. I feel that space is essential for creativity and productivity because I feel that micro-management is counterproductive and can dampen motivation. In this area my values align with NTT DATA’s which works well because I can exercise good self-management and appreciate my manager’s trust. Even though I have autonomy, I still receive my manager’s support and mentorship during our weekly one on one meetings. As remote employees, our team maintains a very good support network and communication that helps us remain connected and supported in our line of work.

I value growth that I feel is an area reflected in the essence of NTT DATA. With an interest in human development, being given the opportunity to grow and move forward from the small beginnings as an interview scheduler to where I am right now is great. We are also encouraged by NTT DATA to upskill. I personally did that by obtaining a master’s degree and was given a chance to move to a different role where my new skills would add value. This is the reason why I decided to stay and grow with NTT DATA rather than switch to another company.

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