EV and Customer Journey: A Digitally Empowered EV Customer Odyssey

In the digitalized EV era, the customer journey is a meticulously crafted odyssey of purchase, use, and continuous experiences. NTT DATA's methodology unveils the strategic artistry of EV customer journeys, from gathering customer feedback to mapping out detailed plans. It identifies pain points, explores scenarios, and offers transformative business solutions, emphasizing a truly customer-centric approach in the modern car business landscape.

This is part 5 of the series "Expanding the Possibilities of Mobility", authored by mobility experts from NTT DATA around the world.

At the nexus where Customer Experience, Business Experience and Brand Strategy converge, we uncover Brand Experience that consists the three – the holistic beacon that guides the comprehensive experience of brand products and services throughout customer journey. As we embark on elucidating this journey, the focus sharpens on digital empowerment, an omnipresent force that enhances connections across the customer lifecycle and fosters an ecosystem that integrates among customers, retailers, and OEMs within the electric vehicle industry and beyond.

Step 1: Customer Voice Collection

As the customer embarks on their Electric Vehicle (EV) journey, their feedback across all stages should be collected, this meticulous approach ensures a tailored, responsive service and strategy that resonates with customer needs which is the foundation.

Step 2: Customer Journey Planning

The focus of this holistic horizons is to make a holistic planning approach that bridges the OEM and consumer for more interactions. It unveils a dual-pathed interaction model, where online B2C interactions are delineated alongside B2B interactions, highlighting the need for a seamless integration of services and communication channels. This carefully structured journey planning ensures that customer actions are supported by robust, responsive, and diverse communication touchpoints, fostering a customer-centric ecosystem.

Step 3: Customer Journey Map

Our journey map captures the full spectrum of customer interactions, highlighting key stages and touchpoints, identifying customer pain points, and aligning these insights with industry best practices. This comprehensive map differentiates between the OEM, customer, and retailer perspectives, offering overlook to enhance the customer experience and address areas of friction.

Step 4: Use Case Scenario

This journey visualization illustrates a methodological distillation from Customer Journey to business scenario, detailing key scenarios that span the full lifecycle of interactions. It emphasizes a data-driven approach and a unified operational strategy, highlighting the customer-centric concept.

Step 5: Use Case Scenario Exploration Throughout Customer Journey

We dive into key scenario within the customer journey. For example, the focus of omni-channel e-commerce O2O car purchase scenario is customer-centric purchasing process that integrates various touchpoints, including model selection, exterior and interior choices, options, and charging solutions, all supported within a streamlined digital interface that enhances the overall customer experience.

Step 6: Analyze & Identify Gaps to Achieve Target Scenario

We introduce a solution that interlinks customers, retailers, and OEMs, driving a data-centric approach to revolutionize the EV experience.

Step 7: Business Solution

We introduce a solution that interlinks customers, retailers, and OEMs, driving a business enable platform encompasses business centers, digital insights, and smart strategies. This exemplifies a streamlined, data-driven business approach to enhancing the customer experience at every stage.

Conclusion: Where Methodology Sparks Business Growth

This Customer Journey Design Methodology not only anticipates customer needs and brand expectations across all touchpoints but also drives operational excellence and fosters brand loyalty in a market where the customer's needs and satisfaction lead the brand growth towards sales growth, innovation and sustainability.

Megan Wang

Megan Wang
VP of Digital Marketing, NTT DATA China