Expanding the Possibilities of Mobility

Dedicated to promoting positive social change and supporting the development of the automotive industry, in January 2024, NTT DATA and its group companies exhibited their automotive foresight at Automotive World, the premier global trade show for cutting-edge automotive technologies. Our demonstrations and presentations highlighted solutions for enhancing Customer Experience, Mobility Experience, Energy Experience, and Software for vehicles.

This is part 1 of the series "Expanding the Possibilities of Mobility", authored by mobility experts from NTT DATA around the world.

Automotive Industry and the Changing Market Structure

Cars have long been symbolic of revolutionary products, seamlessly integrating into people's lives and reshaping societies. However, in the modern era, the essence of products transcends mere functionality. Beyond technical specifications lies the ability of products to evoke emotions, influence behavior, and contribute to societal well-being. This paradigm shift is particularly evident in the automotive industry, with the emergence of trends like 'ACES' (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared) catalyzing profound transformations not only in car manufacturing but also in business models and the pursuit of carbon neutrality. As the industry evolves, the creation of emotional value becomes essential, shaping both the manufacturing market and the burgeoning mobility services sector.

The automotive industry is navigating through unprecedented changes, often described as a once-in-a-century revolution. Trends such as shifting consumer values, technological innovation, and the imperative for decarbonization are reshaping the landscape of car manufacturing, business models, and sustainability efforts. This transformation is deeply intertwined with the phase of vehicle usage, emphasizing the need to establish services and markets centered around mobility (i.e., Mobility Services). Mobility encompasses various industries, ranging from tourism and retail to infrastructure, like real estate and energy. The key to shaping market dynamics lies in cross-sector collaboration and seamless service provision.

Moreover, the growth of mobility services is influencing traditional approaches to manufacturing, sales, and aftersales services. For instance, the advent of new services necessitates enhanced data acquisition. Therefore software-first approaches in supply chain management and the diversification of dealership services must be prioritized. These changes, coupled with the integration of innovative technologies into vehicles, further propel the evolution of mobility services. A dynamic interplay between established and emerging sectors fosters mutual growth and innovation.

Critical Factors Accelerating Transformation

Collaboration among diverse sectors such as automotive, tourism, retail, real estate, and energy is imperative to accelerate mutual transformation between traditional and new-age mobility service domains. Two critical factors underpin the advancement of this transformative journey:
Elevation of inter-industry cooperation.
Diverse utilization of data to drive value creation.

For instance, to encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles, it is crucial to create convenient charging infrastructure across the country. This also includes implementing navigation systems that consider traffic congestion and battery levels, as well as optimizing charging schedules to align with energy supply and demand. True progress towards a better society demands a customer-centric approach and collaborative efforts that transcend organizational and industry boundaries.

Additionally, the diverse utilization of data plays a pivotal role in unlocking new value propositions across industries. By harnessing connected car data, customer behavior insights, geospatial data, and IoT data from related industries, transformative services can be developed to encourage behavioral changes and create novel value propositions consistently. Integration of data on individual mobility, traffic infrastructure control, and real-time events and accidents along travel routes can accurately predict traffic congestion and help prevent it. This innovative use of data enables users to naturally avoid congested routes while contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Enhancing the Potential of Mobility through Digital Innovation

To realize this new world of possibilities, NTT DATA is leveraging its extensive experience across domains to address these pain points with the Power to Connect and Extensive Digital Capabilities. NTT DATA is committed to the advancement of society and the automotive industry by encouraging cooperation among various industries and utilizing advanced digital technologies. Our solutions are focused on transforming the industry through the enhancement of Customer Experience, Mobility Experience, Energy Experience, and Digital Experience.

NTT DATA's strength lies in its deep understanding of various business domains and the commitment to deliver optimal services and systems impartially. Our goal is to drive sustainable progress and make a significant contribution to the new automotive market.

Stay tuned for more content and updates on this exhibition in our exclusive series.

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