NTT DATA's Technology Introduced at the Golf Tournament

NTT DATA's Technology Introduced at the Golf Tournament

Two golf tournaments sponsored by NTT DATA have concluded this year. The 151st Open and the 47th AIG Women's Open ended on July 23 and August 13, 2023, respectively. This year, too, the heated competition made for a very exciting event. Once again, this year, we were greatly impressed by the fighting spirit of the athletes.

The Digital Human Technology at The Open

Did you know that behind the players' performances, NTT DATA has been introducing technology to venture into new ways of providing golf viewing experiences?

One of these technologies is the AI-powered "Digital Human," affectionately named "Lottie." Introduced at The Open Championship, it not only entertained the attendees, but also provided "hospitality" by offering information about the tournament, players, and golf itself.

Lottie mimics human movements and sounds. Human elements such as gestures, body language, facial expressions, and vocal tones have been integrated into the conventional self-service interface.

In this video, Global CEO, Kaz Nishihata and Global Head of Innovation, Thomas Nørmark show the digital human in action at The Open.

Humanising AI: The NTT DATA Digital Human at The 151st Open

This article introduces the digital human that is upgrading customer experiences. Please take a moment to read it.

How AI-Powered Digital Humans are Revolutionising Customer Experience | NTT DATA

Digital Twin Technology: Enjoy The Open Championship Interactively from Anywhere

The second technology introduced by NTT DATA at The Open Championship was the "Digital Twin." This technology involves plotting real-time ball positioning data for all players onto a map and integrating this data into ShotView and the Leaderboard.

ShotView is a web-based application where golf enthusiasts can view the current positions of all players in The Open Championship as well as statistical data for each hole. The Leaderboard, accessible through a web page on the official Open Championship website,, provided detailed information such as live scores and match results.

These innovations have enabled the creation of a new golf viewing experience, allowing not only on-site golf fans, but also those outside the venue, to interactively enjoy The Open Championship from anywhere.

The "NTT DATA Wall" installed by NTT DATA. It allows viewing of ShotView.

The "NTT DATA Wall" installed by NTT DATA. It allows viewing of ShotView.

NTT DATA has introduced digital twin technology in various fields, including sports like the example below.

NTT DATA and Digital Twin Technology at The Open Championship: Redefining the Fan Experience | NTT DATA

NTT DATA's Approach to Sustainability

NTT DATA is passionate about delivering sustainability initiatives and weaving sustainable practices into every project we're involved in.

NTT DATA assists clients in developing and utilizing effective IT solutions that contribute to a thriving, sustainable society. We recognize that societal change cannot be achieved solely through corporate actions, which is why fostering engagement is central to our efforts, both at The Open and beyond.

NTT DATA’s famous Data Wall at the 151st Open Golf Championship featured sustainability information for the first time this year. It’s one of the more visible parts of a wider program to make the event more sustainable – but it also addresses a key part of the sustainability challenge for NTT DATA and our clients: the impact of free choices by individuals.

Just another click in the wall? NTT DATA's sustainability initiatives at The Open | NTT DATA

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