NTT DATA and Digital Twin Technology at The Open Championship: Redefining the Fan Experience

NTT DATA and Digital Twin Technology at The Open Championship: Redefining the Fan Experience

NTT DATA unveils revamped ShotView and digital twin technology at The 151st Open

We live in an age of rapid evolution, where technology has made its way into every aspect of our day-to-day lives. It revolutionizes the way we work, communicate, and even entertain ourselves, and the world of sports has benefited enormously from this wider digital transformation. As innovation combines with athleticism, fans’ experiences have undergone a profound change: unlocking an unprecedented level of engagement, interactivity, and immersion.

Due to the transformational success of many sporting bodies in this field, organizations like The Open are reorienting their approach: optimizing their use of data to provide curated, personalized experiences for their fans and customers. The growing quantity of data available to sporting bodies continues to increase, making the ability to efficiently acquire, process, and leverage information a key competitive advantage.

If you can combine strong data governance and strategy with transformative technologies, you can create highly personalized fan experiences that drive engagement and attendance figures. At NTT DATA, we collaborate with clients like The Open and The R&A to implement transformative technologies – including the digital twin that underpins The 151st Open’s fan-favorite ShotView technology.

The Power of Digital Twin Technology

For the 151st Open, NTT DATA has unveiled its revamped digital twin technology, ShotView, building on its work over the last ten years and taking the fan experience to new levels. ShotView represents an interactive, true-to-life virtual replica of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Continuously updated with live data, from weather conditions to facility information, this digital twin environment offers fans a powerful, data-driven experience.

With spectators given the freedom to explore a digitized course, they can enjoy an expansive suite of features, including:

  • Interactive ball trajectories through the dynamic path visualizer.
  • In-depth player histories and statistics.
  • A digital render of the entire course, revealing new perspectives into specific hazards, greens, and holes.

This digital twin technology seamlessly integrates with NTT DATA's ShotView platform, first launched last year at The 150th Open. This year, the aim was to make the award-winning technology even more accessible, implementing a more interactive and intuitive interface and higher fidelity 3D imagery.

With an array of insights and viewing options, all easily accessible to the end-user, fans can enjoy a personalized experience that deepens their understanding of the sport and elevates their spectating experience.

Transforming Fan Experiences

By fusing technology and sport, we open new, transformative possibilities, enabling audiences to engage with golf in unprecedented ways. This will equip fans, commentators, and journalists with an array of digital tools to augment their experiences.

As a dedicated partner of The R&A and The Open, NTT DATA has enabled them to transform how spectators experience a major sporting tournament. Golf enthusiasts now benefit from the streamlined delivery of data-driven insights, offering captivating experiences beyond what has been previously possible.

Advanced data collection and analysis methods have changed the world of sports technology. Spectators often struggle to connect with players and events from the safety of the stands, but with ShotView, fans can access an immersive journey into the heart of golf from their seats. With real-time statistics, analysis, and insights at their disposal, they can achieve a far deeper understanding of everything that goes into, and follows, each swing.

At NTT DATA, we are dedicated to providing revolutionary data-driven experiences, granting fans unprecedented insights into a sport they love. The digital twin-powered ShotView technology facilitates instant access to statistics, analysis, and information, deepening the experiences of spectators both on the course and at home.

Implementation of Digital Twin Technology 

Following the introduction of our digital twin technology, we have witnessed a growing number of companies expressing interest in its potential. When engaging with clients about the process of implementation, we outline to them three essential steps: modeling, visualization, and simulation.


The modeling stage aims to faithfully recreate the real-world environment in a digital form. By using advanced tools such as photogrammetry, sensors, and AI, we can generate true-to-life 3D assets. The key to successful modeling lies in effectively gathering and organizing the necessary data to ensure an accurate replication of the subject.

For The Open Championship, we achieved incredible results by combining ortho-images captured by drones and precise survey data, reducing the margin of error to approximately 6cm. For areas that required even higher precision, such as the greens, we conducted a more precise LiDAR mapping with 2cm accuracy. This resulted in an extremely detailed and accurate virtual representation of the entire golf course.


The visualization process involves taking the 3D-generated model and developing it to a point where it can be operated as a digital twin system. While there are several specialized tools that could be used, including Autodesk, Blender, and Unreal Engine, it can be challenging for on-site personnel in companies to become proficient in all of them.

This is where a comprehensive digital twin platform, such as NVIDIA Omnivers, plays a crucial role. NVIDIA Omnivers allows real-time sharing, viewing, and editing of 3D design models, enabling seamless collaboration and enhanced performance. At NTT DATA, we have a track record of successfully utilizing NVIDIA Omnivers on a global scale.


This final step is where the digital twin technology creates real, tangible value for companies. We use the generated 3D model to simulate products in various stages of development as well as elements of production, with the aim of improving designs and operations.

For example, in scenarios involving the layout of factory equipment, where ensuring human accessibility and machinery operation spaces is crucial, the digital twin can be used to simulate the arrangements and placement of machinery. This allows organizations to avoid the costly process of physically trialing different configurations.

Adoption of Digital Twin Technology

While the digital twin technology holds enormous promise for organizations of all sizes, we have identified three key challenges that enterprises may encounter during implementation:

  • High initial costs to generate 3D models.
  • Lack of expertise in integrating simulation results from individual simulation tools.
  • Demonstrating ROI that, while it is projected, has not yet been publicly disclosed.

To address these challenges, we have developed an approach that focuses on modularizing and holding assets for commonly used components in digital twin development. By identifying and understanding shared challenges within industries, we can leverage these assets to reduce overall costs and streamline the implementation processes. Our aim is not only to support the adoption of digital twins but also to assess ROI and expand its scope to create value within each customer’s business.

How NTT DATA can help your organization

NTT DATA’s expertise in IT consulting services and our accumulated knowledge through co-creation with various clients allows us to tackle these challenges and support our clients in navigating the complexities of digital twin implementation, harnessing the full potential of this revolutionary innovation.

The impact of NTT DATA's digital twin technology goes far beyond the realm of golf. Its transformative possibilities extend to other sports, businesses, and organizations worldwide. The ability to create true-to-life digital models, coupled with real-time data updates, promises to transform entire industries, and change the way that enterprises and sporting bodies create customer experiences.

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