PMI Infinity – a revolutionizing GenAI tool for Project Management

GenAI tools as opportunity or threat?

This article explores the transformative role of AI in project management, with a focus on the innovative GenAI tool developed by the Project Management Institute - PMI. We discuss why AI is essential for modern project management, the key features and benefits of the GenAI tool, and the potential risks associated with its adoption.

1. Why AI in Project Management

AI is revolutionizing project management by automating routine tasks, enhancing decision-making, and increasing efficiency. AI introduces intelligent automation, reducing administrative burdens and allowing project managers to focus on strategic tasks. Moreover, AI-driven analytics provide deeper insights, facilitating better forecasting and resource allocation. The integration of AI in project management leads to improved accuracy, efficiency, and overall project success, making it an indispensable tool in today’s fast-paced, data-driven business environment.
Being NTT Data a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and given the collaboration between NTT Data and the PMI at a global level, we have access to a set of PMI tools that help us leverage the power of AI on our projects too. An example that accessible to all PMI members is PMI Infinity, a revolutionizing GenAI tool for Project Management.

2. Leveraging features and benefits of PMI Infinity – an AI-powered assistant tool from PMI

Figure 1 – PMI Infinity landing page

PMI Infinity helps boost productivity, maximize project success, drive value, and save time. Indeed, it is designed to aggregate data from various sources generated and vetted by the PMI Global Community of project professionals, therefore providing project managers with a wealth of information and diverse perspectives.

Figure 2 – PMI Infinity answer to a prompted question

The key features offered by the assistant are:

  • Smart navigation to the most relevant, up-to-date best practices;
  • A growing library of content vetted by the community of by PMI members and project management leaders around the globe;
  • Cited original content sources for fast and easy validation;
  • Recommended prompts for deeper exploration and real-time discussions via PMI Infinity’s chat interface.

Figure 3 – suggested PMI sources at the end of the provided answer

Thanks to these features, the tool enables more comprehensive and innovative problem-solving approaches. GenAI’s ability to analyze and synthesize data from a wide array of contributors ensures that project managers have access to the most current and relevant information. This collective knowledge empowers teams to make informed decisions, anticipate challenges, and adapt to changing project dynamics efficiently.

3. Risks in adopting an AI tool in Project Management

While GenAI offers numerous advantages, there are inherent risks in adopting AI tools in project management. The four major concerns are:

  • data security;
  • efficiency vs human interpretation tradeoff;
  • alignment with values and strategy during the decision-making process;
  • algorithmic bias.

The first concern is data security, as it must be avoided to let the tool access to sensitive client and NTT Data’s data. Second, reliance on AI can lead to over-automation, potentially reducing human oversight and intuition. Third, the adoption of the tool should be made in complete alignment with the values, culture, ethics and strategy of the Project Manager and all the stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. As a final concern, there is also the risk of algorithmic bias, which can result in skewed data interpretations.
It is essential to implement AI responsibly, with continuous monitoring and human intervention, to mitigate these risks and ensure balanced, ethical project management practices.

4. Opportunity or threat

The Project Manager is the one who leads the team to create something that does not exist. AI helps the entire Project team to simplify and speed up the activities achieving the following opportunities:

  • Being Faster, by automating the repetitive action and providing information in a few seconds;
  • Being Forecaster, by imagining the future states;
  • Being Sure, by reducing risks and managing the activities proactively;
  • Being Clear, by providing the right information at the right moment and suggesting how to proceed;
  • Being Quality, by automating the quality checks, including future analysis.

Human Project Managers will not end up like dinosaurs. We need to become more effective in acting as a servant leader, enabling the focus on value and creating an environment in which the team can act effectively.

We should not be afraid of AI, we have a powerful partner to make projects that will allow us to live in a better world.

Carmine Paragano

Carmine Paragano

Senior Director at Enterprise Agility and Program Governance, NTT Data Italy, and PMI Central Italy President

Giuseppe Vasquez

Giuseppe Vasquez

Associate Manager at Enterprise Agility and Program Governance, NTT Data Italy

Carmine and Giuseppe work in the Enterprise Agility and Program Governance practice at NTT Data Italy. In their practice, they govern and manage complex transformation processes involving the entire company organization, promote the adoption of the most suitable approach among the traditional, agile and hybrid ones according to the context, and encourage using innovative tools to be more efficient and find new ways to create value.